Thursday, October 29, 2009

the headless horse man

Little P. brought home a book at the library:  "The Headless Horseman."  She was fascinated, reading it over and over in the car.  "Mom, I think it's a true story."  She specifically calls him the headless horse man (two distinct words).

I told her that when I was a child, there was a mysterious rider who would dress up as a headless horseman and tear down the street on his big horse, scaring us to death (true!)  Noone really knew who it was, year after year.

After endless readings and repeated discussions of the story, she finally decided to write her own version.

My favorite part:  he wos scire.  he has no heed.

Love it!

That horse looks a little like our Nelly.  See how she started out drawing his head, but then erased it?  

The excitement has worn off of the story, but I will keep this book forever.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

horsey girl

Horsey Girl had her last home game last night.  She is a sophomore playing JV.    She makes lots of points.

She is a fast swimmer.  But last Spring she quit the swim team (encouraged for WP players) because the coach was very cruel.

I can't help feeling proud when I see these pictures.  I was so glad ND came to the game to watch too.  Then I ate pizza.

When I first saw this one, I couldn't detect the second girl.  Horsey Girl said, "That's 'cause I'm drowning her, Mom."

That's my girl.

And you should see her ride a horse!

Monday, October 26, 2009

pick a punk

I can't believe how long ago I took these pictures.  The annual Pumpkin Patch saga.  It happens every year.  I like these Baby Boo's.  

It's always hard to pick just the right one.  Which of you cuties wants to come home with me?  Little P. always coddles her punkies up until their fatal end.

Happiness is a wall o' squash.  I love this girl.  She is so enthusiastic!  She made even this little understated roadside farm stand feel better than Disneyland.

Note the homespun, hand knit hat.  This was the Witch Hair hat from long ago.  I'm currently on my second hat and will be done upon the purchase of size 8 dpn's (any excuse to shop!)

She rode this big pumpkin all the way home.

The fire was close, but we were not evacuated this time.  Thank the Goddess for looking out for our farm, and prayers for those who lost so much.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Well, I have completed three days of the Master Cleanse.  It was really quite an experience!  This picture may be some indication.  Let's just say, a lot of stuff came out!

Overall, I think it was pretty successful.  I lost 3 1/2 pounds; my jeans are not tight at the waist any more.  I know I lost a ton of water weight; that felt good.  The experience was not terrible, but at times not pleasant, especially during the nightly salt flush.  Let's just say I needed to sleep upstairs because it was closer to the bathroom!

I also noticed that I felt calmer, clearer, and more focused overall, especially the last day.  I had quite a bit of energy, and stayed up later than usual the last night.  I was able to function well during daily activities and it became quite obvious when I tend to eat the most (after school) and how often I just felt like eating, even though I wasn't really hungry.  I only had a little headache the evening of the second night.

Could I do it for ten days?  I'm not sure.  I did get pretty sick of the lemonade by the end.  Today I am just drinking green smoothies, and tomorrow I am back on my all raw until (vegan) dinner regime.  

And yeah, a salad sounds AWESOME right now.  I can't wait.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

goodbye fannie mae

We put our dear old horse down yesterday.  She had the best life a horse could ever have.  Her last months were spent comfortably in our carport, full of Equine Senior and petted often.  Dear sweet Fannie.  We buried her on the property between an oak and a madrone.

Carver's Fan has flown gently towards the east.  Her spirit can be seen through the slanting light, calmly grazing in green pastures beyond this world.

What is remembered, lives.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

what's that?

What's that?  Something's in the air... it feels chillier, the wind is picking up, clouds are rolling in.

We started getting ready for a BIG winter this past weekend.  We can feel it in the air.  Leaves are crisp and I am looking forward to fires, baking, knitting and the like.

Everybody pitches in.  I actually enjoy stacking wood, it is a great meditation.  I think we may have enough for now... but we shall see what Mother Nature brings.

Makes me warmer just looking at it.

Monday, October 12, 2009

une autre objet

This hat is knit in the round with the last of my homespun.  Honestly I bought this fiber so long ago (probably over three years) that I can't remember what it is.  Got it at Stitches West from Carolina Homespun.  Here is the finished product on my home grown pumpkin.

Can't quite seem to get the color right in the pics.  It's a really nice heathery bluey greenish.  Didn't name this particular skein though I usually love doing that.  I knit it up on dpns though the pattern (from last minute knitted gifts) called for circs at the beginning (didn't have the right size).  What a fuss.  The next one I'll start with the circs - and I'll go down a size.

I have since felted this down because it was spinning around my head a little.  I remember one reason why I quit knitting last - I just can't quite get the fit right.  I recently gave my last homemade socks to the Goodwill pile.  Anyway it's kinda fun felted down but I don't love it.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

the me I see

I have a Magic Mirror.  ND bought it for me at a recent fundraiser for my school.  This picture is crappy.  Magic Mirror is a rainbow of light, handmade from glass tiles with ceramic seashell inlays.  Looking into it, I see my potential, my truth, my authentic self.  Things are looking clearer these days.

Also a fundraiser purchase:  this gorgeous watercolor of the sunflowers.  I saw it and immediately was drawn to the clear colors, the dance and rhythm of the composition.  It looks like music, reminds me of happiness, and totally transforms me.  It wasn't until I got these pieces home and into my room when, deciding where they would hang, I discovered how gorgeous they are together - matching enchantments!

Yeah I know.  This one is crappy too.  But you get the picture.

Thank you ND, for spoiling me.  All love given returns.

Monday, October 05, 2009

a room of my own

The move towards my own room has been gradual.  Over two years ago I felt the need to find my own space, a step towards finding my authentic self.  At that point, I began by moving all my stuff upstairs and taking over a section of the girls' domain.

This past Spring, when Princess #1 moved back in for a time, it started to feel cramped when everyone was home.  In fact I didn't really even have a place to sleep if I felt like sleeping alone.  At this point our counsellor took my side and encouraged me to claim some space.

So over Labor Day weekend, with the help of my big strong Horsey Girl, I moved all of P. #2's stuff upstairs and all my own stuff down to my new room.  Also taking up an awkward corner is my grandmother's corner cabinet, which has been in the garage since we moved here eight years ago.  (I think I'll line the glass with some pretty wrapping paper to cover the boxes of craft, sewing, spinning and knitting stuff all stuffed in there.)

In the opposite corner I have an antique full of books; my jewelry is on top.  The closet (more organized than the cabinet!) has a bulletin board on it to pin up inspirations.  There is artwork to the right there that I will show you later...

And I love having a place to sleep when I just feel like being alone.  A stack of books and my laptop, a good light and lots of firm pillows, clean sheets and a knitting stash... heaven.  (Don't worry, I sleep with Nice Dad too sometimes.  But if you don't have your own bed, you should.)

I even like the view from the door.  The house looks cozy from here.  Having my own room gives me a whole new outlook.  

Love that.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

dark leafy greens

Little P. models my latest creations.  I call them the Dark Leafy Greens Gloves.  They are my own design, based loosely on several different patterns.  There is something satisfying about knitting a 3 x 3 ribbing pattern.

The yarn is from Ireland; my Kindergarten partner, L., asked me what I wanted when she went for New Year's last year.  The story goes that the yarn shop was closed, but when the little old owner saw my friend peering in the window, he let her in and gave her a personal tour.  Then he picked this out for her as an example of the perfect Irish yarn.  It is a chard colored, scratchy, kinda sheepy, and VERY warm.

These were done mostly during horsey girl's water polo games.  They are a little snug, and one is longer than the other, but I don't care.  It's just so good to be knitting again.

I still got it.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

random thoughts

*** My job is making me very, very tired.  I have 24 Kindergarteners this year.... more than I have ever had in 13 years.  This information meets with some eye rolling from some people, who remember their own classes of 30 or more.  But let me tell you, 40 - something people:  your Kindergarten teacher was not required to teach you to read.

*** Thus when I get home I make a beeline to my quiet room and my beloved laptop.  It doesn't help that I decided to quit drinking recently (24 days ago to be exact).  Now I can only escape into Juice Squeeze and carbs, and let me tell you this is taking a toll on the old midsection.

*** Little P. is watching The Shaggy Dog and it is bringing back many fond memories.  What is better than Fred McMurray and Annette Funicello?

*** My oldest sister calls Annette Funicello Annette Puddin'-'n'-Jello.

*** Despite my best intentions I cannot get back into exercise or raw food.  I want to run in the morning, but it's just too darn dark!  And even though I have plenty of veggies in the garden, I've strayed to tea and toast, and the famous three ch's (some of you remember:  chips, cheese and chocolate).

*** Mercury has finally gone direct, and on the 15th all this will get straightened out, I hope.

*** I'm contemplating the Master Cleanse.

*** I believe the secret to keeping the fish alive is the air fern I stuck in the water.  Though that didn't help the one we got two weeks ago at the Santa Cruz County Fair, that only lasted one day.  I guess it's just luck.
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