Monday, October 26, 2009

pick a punk

I can't believe how long ago I took these pictures.  The annual Pumpkin Patch saga.  It happens every year.  I like these Baby Boo's.  

It's always hard to pick just the right one.  Which of you cuties wants to come home with me?  Little P. always coddles her punkies up until their fatal end.

Happiness is a wall o' squash.  I love this girl.  She is so enthusiastic!  She made even this little understated roadside farm stand feel better than Disneyland.

Note the homespun, hand knit hat.  This was the Witch Hair hat from long ago.  I'm currently on my second hat and will be done upon the purchase of size 8 dpn's (any excuse to shop!)

She rode this big pumpkin all the way home.

The fire was close, but we were not evacuated this time.  Thank the Goddess for looking out for our farm, and prayers for those who lost so much.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Little P is so cute with all the pumpkins!!!

I kept candles burning for you and your neighbors yesterday and today.. I'm sorry for those who lost yet again, but thankful the damage wasn't as much as it could have been.

9:22 PM  

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