Friday, January 18, 2008

banana cream pie

I visited with my Mom a week ago. She was very excited because she was going to make a banana cream pie. Evidently this Christmas Cactus is going to me in the was my grandmother's.

My mother has the cleanest kitchen I've ever seen. You're afraid to eat in there.

Her piecrusts are flawless. I started buying frozen crusts about ten years ago.

You must stir the filling constantly or it will burn. There is a lot of sugar in there!

Here's the recipe. "Katherine, do you have this cookbook? It's the best one I've found."

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Little P's favorite game in the world right now is Trouble. This girl knows the rules, and she will remind you. "Oh no, I got a six...I get to go again." It is a fun game because of the pop top die in the middle that makes a loud POP - POP sound.

P. #2 is artistic, just like P. #1. It didn't take much persuasion for her to enjoy watercoloring on the pieces of coral we collected on Waikiki beach.

She also played for hours with the sweet umbrellas. Um, can you guess how many drinks we had?!

Trouble is also the State I'm In. Things are shaky at best. Thankfully dh and the small p are in Colorado until Sunday.

I am working on me. It's all I can do.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

it's a wrap

The halls have been un-decked. Ditto the tabletops and window sills.

The cookies have been consumed. Still working on the remains of the cheese and way too much candy (Santa went overboard on the stockings this year).

The lights are done twinkling, the snowglobes have ceased snowing. The ornaments are packed away oh so carefully, and the pine needles swept away (for the fourth or fifth time).

Still cherishing the warm memories of the season...our loved ones make the winter bright. Mr. Black Jack Magic is keeping us all entertained. Time stands still as the New Year comes flooding gently through the open French doors.

I have a stack of library cookbooks, a clean and clear meditation area, and two resolutions: this year I will be a vegetarian, and I will strive to do yoga every day. What are your resolutions?
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