Sunday, November 27, 2011


Little Princess' birthday always begins on Thanksgiving. Nine years ago today in a fit of labor induced enthusiasm I stood in the kitchen, cooking an entire vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner between contractions. I remember it well.

Later that night I paced the floor fitfully, knowing the worst was yet to come. At dusk, Nice Dad convinced me to take a walk. I had hardly made it to the gate when I got slammed. I retreated to the bathtub and didn't emerge until I had pushed out a sweet baby girl. Yes right there in my claw foot (still one of her favorite places)

To celebrate this year, we took a friend to downtown Santa Cruz for a movie, then to Marini's for an ice cream treat. Home for pizza and a couple of simple crafts. A noisy sleepover, then up by seven for French toast (Nice Dad's specialty) and a pile of presents.

Happy Birthday my sweet girl. You have become an amazing Math whiz, a comical clown, a loyal friend to many and a talented cowgirl to boot. I love you.


Blogger Kellyann Brown said...

niiiiiice cake! cool candles! Happy NINE, Chloe!!

12:56 PM  

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