Sunday, March 30, 2008

lady of leisure

This little orange fairy seems intent on something. Here she meditates with a tiny graceful finger poised over her majick screen...

Aha! In a stroke of generosity, dh has bought me a laptop. The joy! The freedom! The ability to feel like a real student now. After all, there is a thesis to write, in just fourteen short months or so.

Meanwhile, Little P. tests out online video game possibilities.

Did I mention that our camera was stolen and subsequently replaced in the last month? It's good to be back, but I've obviously lost all talent in the focusing area. This corner of Little P.'s world shows a couple of thrifted wall hooks, her laundry basket (!) and toys left forgotten in the interest of technology.

Not to say, of course, that we don't read. This book was a gift from a former student's family and we devour a chapter each night. After we are done with this one I happily anticipate delving into my collection of colored Fairy books.

Meanwhile we are practicing our computer skills on this amazing gift of new MacBook.

Thanks so much honey.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

together but apart

About four or five months ago I made the decision: I needed space. Circumstances and intuition indicated that to be together, but apart, was what my dh and I really needed. The first step was moving all my stuff upstairs. The second part was finally realizing how delicious it was to actually have my own bed. How luxurious! How comfortable! Hidden under the thrift store crochet coverlet lies a delicious lightweight but lofty-warm comforter (little P. calls it a "comfortable") from Ikea... wrapped in Spring green cotton knit, it's like a little piece of heaven. Looking out the window I can see the stars at night, hear the goats softly bleating.... in the morning, sweet pink skies mingle with the plum blossoms.

And we can still snuggle in the morning.

There's plenty of room for yoga here. Pillows are piled up around the Red Dragon altar, surrounded by various decks for morning divination. My current ritual includes hot lemon water, a peek at the 360 Goddess book, and pulling a card from one of several choices: regular old Rider-Waite, a Spa Deck, or my current favorite, the Self Care deck (fabulous pictures!)

And here's the Craft Corner, all cleaned up for Spring...transformed into a quiet place to study.

Which is what I really should be doing right now.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

sunny daze

I emerged from studying in the dark computer room, blinking in the bright light, and was startled to see this.... the two Princesses taking advantage of the gorgeous weather to do some tie and dye on the deck.

Seems we've had this kit hanging around for awhile and we just needed the right combination of sun, inspiration and artistry. This following a purge through drawers and closets for anything white and 100% cotton (I should have had my suspicions then...)

Gee, I've always wanted a pair like these....too bad noone will see them (mine are on the far left, the other two are little P's). Dazzling.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

finished knitting

I promised finished object content. Now I deliver! This scarf was my own design. Two strands, one the handspun merino I dyed with Cool Blue Koolaid, the other a thrifted sport weight wool I dyed with Screamin' Green Koolaid. Mind you I have had these yarn for EVER. It feels sooo good to use up the old stash I tell you. The ends of this scarf are five rows of garter stitch, and the rest is k3 p2, very cushy, with a little flare at the bottom. I really like how the color turned out, never mind that I have nothing to match.

Fingerless gloves, again my own design. I have wanted to make a pair of these for the longest time. I started out with another pattern but the k3 p2 stitch was so ingrained that I used it for these and they are nice and snug. This is the good old Forest merino that I spun so very long ago. It's tough to take these off, they make superior computer work or knitting mitts.

Princess #2 models here. Now you see the hat I made her too. Again I used two strands, the Wildflower hanspun (wow, did I really make that two years ago!?) and the Fairy Wings Alpaca (remember that one Christine!?)

The combination of pink and purple made this an obvious girlie choice. Not visible: a pink and purple unicorn iron on patch (I think she's got it twisted around here)

Now you know why dh and I call her our little ham sandwich.
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