Thursday, November 19, 2009


Random things that give me comfort right now:

**A fire in the woodstove on a chilly evening, and some spinning - purply blue merino that feels like a cloud.

**Slogging through parent teacher conferences with the knowledge that the light at the end of this loooong tunnel is seeing my family and enjoying a nice long five day weekend.

**Scented candles in my bedroom that make it feel warmer in there even though it's far from it.

**Putting two down comforters on my bed and snuggling up with a couple of holiday magazines.

**Filling pretty bowls with seasonal fruit and occasionally things found in Little P.'s pockets (like the eucalyptus pods above)

**Autumn light.  I love the colors of the madrone trees as the golden liquid sun hits just the tops and looks like honey and persimmons.

**The predictability of the road home, each winding curve banked by wise old trees and drifts of leaves, and the welcome of my animals as I arrive home.

What is bringing you comfort these days?

Monday, November 09, 2009

the sally dress

Horsey Girl wanted to be Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas for Halloween.  Unfortunately we got kind of a late start on it, and I was too exhausted to do much research.  Reluctantly I gave up an assortment of unwanted articles for her to slash and stitch.

I always underestimate this girls' creative drive.  In less than an hour, she had whipped out this little Breakfast at Tiffany's meets the Haunted House dress.  A little bit sexy, a little bit spooky.  I was impressed.

All the details were hand stitched, and I love it hanging here on our spooky front door.  Too bad it was a teensy bit too small (and a smite too revealing for the trick-or-treat crowd.

Tres chic though.

Friday, November 06, 2009


A friend came by with some craft kits her kids never used before they out grew them.  The shiny sticker project was an instant hit and became several hours of amusement last weekend.

The final projects were less intriguing than the process, like many good crafts.  Let's just say my house is now decorated with quite a few holographic stickers in the most unlikely places.

I'm glad my kids like to make stuff.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

autumn hat

I made this pumpkin in honor of Fanny May.  It lit up so nice, and when it flickered it looked like she was running.

This one fits much better.  I used size 8 circs to start and then bought 8 dpns, that I only used for the last four or five rows.  Knitting is expensive!

 The fiber is cotswald (very soft) in a colorway called Gold Leaf.  It's very, very autumn and I enjoyed wearing it with my skeleton sweater on Halloween night.  I think I may have enough yarn for fingerless gloves or possibly another hat for gifting.

Now to spin up the purply blue merino I scored last month.  Very excited!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

i *heart*

Still getting a couple of tomatoes, the last ones being a little bit weathered.

Someone gave out their old Valentine's candy last week.

Roasted squash for butternut soup.  Sweet seeds in a heartish cavity.

The first pumpkin spice soy latte of the season.

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