Wednesday, June 29, 2011

in which I win high point

The District 9 CGA Show was both days last weekend, and Mr. Wonderful and I won High Point for FC. In case you are wondering that means Future Champion and is the "slowest" category. But please note that slow = control and that is what we are aiming for here. Senior Handsome outdid himself... really responsive yet not too jumpy, easy on the rating and just a little bit of turnin' it on for the big finishes... occasionally even with a nice loose rein. Yes those jeans make me look fat.

Nice Dad won Reserve in FC, and I was so proud. Sparky gave up wondering why those barrels didn't move around like cows and just accepted his lot. My husband kept his heels down and his enthusiasm up for a long weekend: ride, tie up and watch, ride, tie up and watch, water, ride, repeat. So fun!!!

This little cowgirl was the star of the show, securely mounted on her trusty little fireball. I just about burst my snaps watching her loping ever so sweetly and taking better care Little P. than I do after a long day of teaching. Together they came away with Reserve High Point in FC 11 and under.

The hats were our prizes and you better believe we've been wearing them for four days straight. Do we look like mountain people here or what?!

Now we have been convinced to attend the State Show at the end of July. Word of the week: practice.

Monday, June 27, 2011

school's out

I do not miss this view. My desk looks great when it is covered with presents. I am reveling in Starbuck's cards, Amazon money, and a gift certificate to a nice restaurant (think Date Night). I am grateful for my job but as the saying goes, the three best things about teaching are June, July, and August.

I never cry on the last day of school. I know I will see them again in the hallways. It was a sweet year though, and even though I didn't eat those white chocolate chips I surely appreciated the sentiment.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

creature features

The chicks have been transferred to the outside pen and are mixing and mingling with the hens nicely now. It's always touch and go when adding new additions to the flock. Chickens look cute but they are essentially cannibals and will eat up smaller fry if they sense them as intruders. We have six pretty teenagers now, a bunch of different breeds but as long as they lay eggs and make compost I don't care what kind they are.

Speaking of intruders, this turkey hen took to actually pecking on the window a few months ago. Not sure what she was trying to say, other than "man I am sick of this weather." I hear you mama, I really, really do.

And, like a Springtime miracle.... Wanda came back. Or should I say, emerged. I got this tortoise from a student about a year ago. She lived in a tank but I felt sorry for her so I released her into one of the raised beds and thought she would be thrilled. Well, she was... for about three weeks, after which she dug out and went on her merry way. I think she eventually dug herself a hole and hibernated the winter away, until I found her caught in some deer netting I had swathed around the roses.

Just in time for Open House!

Will I release her again? Oh probably. We all need to be free...

Next up: a stray cat and the duck that was probably a mistake.
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