Wednesday, July 28, 2010

staycation II

Yeah, you guessed it.  I loves me some Boardwalk.

Don't forget your sweatshirt!  The sweet summer sun gives away to fog pretty quickly around 4 pm.  You don't want to get stuck buying one from the Gift Shop.  You'll need to save your money for something really yummy at Marini's.

I love the organ that plays for the carousel.  It is very old and so beautiful.  I love that I can sit and relax while I watch the people go round and round.  It's mesmerizing.

We said we wouldn't stay late, but found ourselves meandering back to the car way past 10.  I ate garlic bread and a caramel apple; P. #2 did the corndog ritual.  She is so big and so brave that now she rides everything.  We watched the pro's on Dance Dance Revolution but were too shy to try.  Perhaps we'll be back to give it another chance.... after all, we've go season passes this year.

A whirl of a night.

Monday, July 19, 2010

staycation I

A few weeks before school was out the inevitable question always is, "What are you doing this summer?  Are you going anywhere?"  This year I cannot foresee a trip so my answer was that we would be enjoying a variety of "staycations."

The California Rodeo in Salinas is a yearly ritual.  This is especially dear to my heart having grown up in Salinas.  Here we say "ro - DAY - oh" not "RO - dee - oh."  Do not get it wrong or the locals will correct you on the proper Spanish pronunciation.

The Grand Entry is the big kick - off to the show.  Early Saturday morning, equestrians from all over the state gather for the Parade of 1,ooo Horses.  Well there are probably not that many but it is impressive.  Many, many beautiful horses are in attendance.

The Salinas Rodeo is especially exciting because there are two points of action:  the main arena and the track.  The rough stock events, as well as roping and steer wrestling, happen in the big arena.  The track events are equally exciting though.  Can you imagine standing up on your galloping horse like this!?

Could you rope a steer, then jump on him and wrestle him to the ground?  This guy did.

As for the bucking events, um, no thank you.  Though I do admire these cowboys and I am glad the smarter ones have started wearing helmets.

PETA was there this year and we waved and smiled because of course all real Rodeo fans know that a cowboy's life depends on the humane treatment of his animals, and the bulls and broncs only work for eight seconds at a time each weekend.  No animals are ever purposefully hurt in this sport.  It's just such an adrenaline rush!

We shopped the Expo too and outfitted the family with new belts; Little P. even scored her first set of real spurs.  We'll make a cowgirl out of her yet.

Friday, July 16, 2010

hawaiian day spa

I got some new furniture for my room.  The theme is Hawaiian Day Spa.  Nice Dad got me the cute sign a few years back.  I believe "aloha" means "hello,"  "goodbye"  AND  "I love you."

Orchids are the best investment as far as flowers go.  They bloom for weeks and, it you take good care of them and are very very lucky, they will keep living and bloom again in another year or so.  They are also perfect at creating an instant Hawaiian atmosphere.

I searched high and low to find the perfect set of drawers for this spot.  I finally found them - on sale no less! - at KMart.  The baskets, the bamboo handles, and the dark wood are all very vintage Hawaiian.  This is actually two sets (three drawers each) put together to achieve the perfect height.  Inside are all my refreshing spa treatments (with room at the bottom for some storage of odds and ends).

The smooth, dark top makes a nice altar spot for Green Tara, assorted crystals and my essential serums.  I am very big fan of organic anti - aging products.

The bulletin board on my closet door is not very spa - like, but holds essentials like a map of Paris, running schedules (gearing up to do a half marathon in October!) and a picture of Lady Gaga, my new obsession.  Got third row tickets to see her on my birthday!  Can't wait.

I'm sure she'd love the spa.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

summer food

It's been awhile since I had a food post.  And they are really my favorite kind.

Here's goat milk yogurt with apricots and raspberries (organic bien sur).  How yummy is this.  I eat goat milk yogurt with a variety of fruit:  peaches, blueberries, bananas, and in the winter, homemade apple compote.  There is just something so incredibly smooth and delicious about goat milk yogurt vs. the regular kind.  A special treat that has become a regular habit.

You can get it pretty cheap at Trader Joe's, but my fantasy is to make my own some day.  (Note to self:  need better refrigeration situation.)

Lunch on any given day is cut up veg from the CSA (note #2:  take pics tomorrow) and a raw dip.  One old favorite is the raw nacho cheeze above:  red pepper, hemp seeds, cashews and a slew of other great stuff.  Comment if you want the recipe.  It is amazing.

I'll generally throw in a couple of Ryevita crackers with this too.  For a little crunch.  

Those yellow things are actually carrots.  Oh yeah!  They were great.

And when life gives you CSA overwhelm, it's time to make juice.  This was from last week:  radiccio, cucumber, carrot, lemon, broccoli stalk, celery.  Today:  cucumber, fennel stalks, romaine, lemon, carrot and half a patty pan squash.  I am learning to use sweeter vegetables instead of apples to sweeten my juice since I have such a hard time buying things out of season.  The lemon is key here - it brightens everything up so nice.

And look Ma, no waste.

Friday, July 02, 2010

waving the flag

We are not a particularly patriotic bunch here at the ranch, preferring to do our flag waving during the flag race at our local gymkhana!  This event is really fun:  two barrels topped with sand-filled buckets.  Run up to the first one, holding a flag.  Stab your flag into the sand and grab another flag.

Run to the next barrel, and repeat.  No points for style, but flag waving is encouraged as long as your horse doesn't mind.

The payoff is scoring ribbons - this time we don't mind that they are red, white and blue!  Way to go, cowgirl.
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