Tuesday, January 19, 2010

spinning around

At the December meeting for Anne's Web, my spinning guild, we had a special guest - Carolina Homespun.  Morgaine is an amazing witchy owner of a self-proclaimed "stealth shop"- run from the garage of her home in San Francisco.  I recall googling a map once and getting completely lost, never really convinced that I had found it at all though the address matched up.  I loved looking at the drop spindles (one of my favorite majickal tools) but resisted temptation.  Instead, I purchased 12 ounces of scarlet merino top.  Much to my delight, I later received the same fiber - in shocking pink - during the gift exchange.  I now have woolly Valentine projects jumping over fences in my brain.  I'm trying to spin the scarlet kind of big - a real challenge after years of fine tuning the fineness of my yarn, but fun and certainly fast.

My absence is due to several factors:  a reappearance of Error 404 (how I hate it!), an iffy internet connection with the air card (takes about an hour and a half to download a picture at home, if I'm lucky), and my immersion into New Year's routines.  I am doing yoga every morning (with this book), meditating, using affirmations, walking most afternoons and trying to make better food choices.  I am also immersing myself in all things French:  yes people I have a new obsession.  In the next several years I will be saving up and preparing myself for a trip to Paris with my two older girls.  (This feels exciting - since everything I "proclaim" on this blog tends to come true!)  Meanwhile I am reading books, watching films, surfing blogs and considering Rosetta Stone for French.  I want to eat, dress, decorate in French.  I want to be bien dans sa peau.

Restez a l'ecoute.

Monday, January 04, 2010


My 10 Day Master Cleanse was a great success on many levels.  I felt truly free from food and obsessive thoughts about eating and cooking (though I did have eating dreams many nights).  I felt alert, light, clean and happy.  I did, however, get pretty hungry.

After it was over I segued back into normal eating, but since it was Christmas and all, I kinda forgot when to stop.  Before I knew it, I was eating all the things I said I wouldn't, and not in reasonable portions, either.  And though I am proud of my accomplishment in quitting alcohol and caffeine, there is much work to do cleaning up the mess of the holidays.  Too many wrong foods.

It's been pretty much eat, drink, and be merry for two weeks now.  Our party was a success; ND even fixed the tile and made the woodstove area so pretty.  I cooked my first turkey and everyone enjoyed.  We stayed up until 2 am, eating and telling stories and singing the songs we'd been practicing.  A glorious Solstice, followed by a fortnight of partying with the family (fudge involved), truffle parties (thanks to my BFF), a little token cooking and a lot of lounging around with tea and a stack of magazines.

Time to take stock.  The Master Cleanse taught me discipline; it also showed (like abstaining from the alcohol did) that once I set my mind to it, I am fixed on the goal.  My Leo friends understand.

Now to set the goal, and go for it!  No more crap.

What are your New Year's Goals?
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