Monday, February 28, 2011

run away

My sincere apologies to both my readers for what I believe has been the longest delay between posts to date.

I have been running.

More exactly, I have been training. I will run the Santa Cruz 1/2 Marathon on April 10, and more importantly, I will run faster than my previous halves, the fastest being 2:45 (cough cough). Therefore I have actually joined a gym and am currently running 29 miles a week. No that is not a typo.

As an aside, I feel terrific! It is so great to eat all I want and then run it off like a maniac. No, I mean it. I do believe I am reaching a new level of health, just in time for the second half of my life.

Ah, I have so many posts I crave to write... such as Weird Things To Crave After Running Hills or The Top Ten Reasons I Will Likely Push You Off The Treadmill If You Get On The One Next To Me. But alas, I have to run. And unfortunately I also spilled tea on my laptop back in December and now must manually insert every letter "e", which makes typing monotonous as well as laborious.

Don't despair.... I have my sights on a new iPad. Until then, don't hold your breath, but I'll try to squeeze in an update here and there.

Gotta run.
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