Wednesday, December 23, 2009

solstice tree

The yearly hunt for the tree.   We waited for it to stop raining.... and waited.... and waited.... and then said, "Guess we better just go!"  Hoods and umbrellas up, we wandered off the edge of the driveway into the woods.

We always try to top something young and fresh, to make sure it grows back.  Oh, the thrill!

And back home again.  Our pretty Solstice tree stood watch as we sang and partied on the longest night of the year.

Welcome to the light!

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Horsey Girl got her braces off.  She is even more beautiful now.  What a blessing it is to have her in our family.

She is so helpful with the horses.  In the dark, the cold, the rain.... she is always willing to go feed.  I'm glad she loves them more than boys (for now).

And she loves the life we have here; she is always glad to be back in nature.  And she is so good at showing her affection.  I am glad she feels this way.

We sometimes enjoy some quiet times together, but she is also good for rowdy fun as well.  And of course Nice Dad appreciates teenage humor much more than I.

Love you, middle girl.  Your smile is gorgeous.

Monday, December 14, 2009

again with the cleanse

My BFF left this angel at my house awhile back.  She is right at home in the garden, keeping watch over me as I do the Master Cleanse again.  Today is Day 8 and I am feeling fine.  Hungry, but fine.  I wasn't sure I could do 10 days but now I feel confident:  I can, and I will.

Little P. likes to dress the angel up in flowers.  This picture was taken before it started raining for two weeks straight...

Here's breakfast from a few weeks ago:  luscious fruit, including some pineapple guavas from my neighbor.  I helped his girlfriend cure her poison oak (Highland's homeopathic pills are the bomb!) and he brought me figs and guavas.  A wonderful trade.

Man that picture looks good.  Last night the family was having pizza.  I amazed myself by being totally satisfied by the smell alone.  Just sat there, inhaling..... and drooling.

Homemade potpourri from the garden, or as P. #2 calls it, "potion."  Yeah she's a witch all right.

My gorgeous sunny garden is a thing of the past now, the flowers have all been drowned.  But the kale still looks pretty good..... I can't wait to eat this whole bed full!

The point of this cleanse goes beyond the physical aspects.  The last time I did the MC for three days with the intention of really turning my diet around afterwards.  This didn't happen.  Now I find I am craving the good stuff..... smoothies, salads, vegetables and quinoa, sweet potatoes.  I will incorporate raw goat cheese and our own good eggs occasionally.  I don't want the sugar, the white stuff, the crap.  I deserve better.

Two more days....

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

my dorm

Princess #1 was here for Thanksgiving.  I asked her how she liked my room.... she said "You made yourself a nice little dorm in there, Mom."

Considering my recurring dream is about returning to my college sorority (and trying desperately to figure out how I can go back to live there) I think she's right.  On some subconscious level I created a space that is youthful yet unique.  Warm blankets, a bulletin board with favorite looks torn out of magazines, baskets of personal care products, a scale hidden under the cabinet, piles of books and the occasional gossip magazine.  (And a little chocolate and yarn, of course.)

I love my dorm.

I even have a pair of "goal jeans" hanging by the closet.  Size 9 slims.  Wish me luck.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009


I like the image of kale being like an "intestinal broom."  That's why I put so much in my green smoothies every morning.  That and of course the fact that it is a super food, plain and simple.  And also the fact that I have got so friggin' much growing in my garden right now.

The bunch above is dinosaur kale; it looks prehistoric, too.

And my new broom is making me very very happy also.  Sweeps the bamboo floors like a dream and spreads a little majick as well... sometimes I toss a little salt down before a good sweep.  Sweeping to me is like therapy, a meditation, and church all rolled into one.

Same old witch with a brand new broom
And a new broom sweeps clean, sweeps clean...

Thursday, December 03, 2009


Little P. turned seven.  My big, funny, smart, creative girl.

She is a precious gift to our whole family.  So well loved by all.

We had a simple party, just family and a few well chosen gifts.  A special hat, and funny bobble head from my mom.  Flowers from the garden.

A new dress.  I call this her Saloon Girl outfit.

Homemade chocolate cake from Apples for Jam, with powdered sugar icing and blue details (currently the favorite color of choice).

What a happy day!  I love her so.  Happy Birthday, sweetheart.
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