Saturday, April 30, 2011


It is normal for me to buy a new bag once every two years or so. I always get it on consignment too. Here is my new (to me) Dooney and Burke. Me likee!! It is slouchy, luxe and fits everything snugly. And it has a green duck dangle.

Princess Number One is off at college now. She misses me more than normal and texts me most every day. LA is not too far away and I am planning a little girl getaway. Wish it was in conjunction to a cool race or something. It is normal to obsess about what you cannot have.

Horsey Girl turned seventeen last week. She has two jobs now and she loves my cooking even though I embarrass her on a regular basis. I took her to the Boardwalk but heaven forbid I am allowed to hang out or take too many pictures. Totally normal.

Also normal? Chickens in the house. These chicks are way too big to be in here now and Fred agrees. He's love to help me take them out too.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


I saw the doctor today. She says it will be another four weeks or so before I can run again. Apparently I have torn the ligaments on the inside of my knee. Yes, this feels just like it sounds.

Meanwhile I plan on continuing to strength train, stretch, and wrangle that big old bomb of a horse of mine. God is saying "Cross train!" so I am listening. It's tough though. I miss my edorphins like crazy (and this makes me act a little, um, crazy.) After drowning my sorrows in chocolate all weekend I am pulling up my bootstraps and getting back on the raw. I'm also comforting myself in other ways, like wearing these great socks. I made these soooo long ago and nary a hole. Although I have abandoned knitting for more cardiovascular pursuits I still appreciate my past talents.

Of course I will have plenty of company in the easy chair. Don't let this picture fool you, these are the Deadly Brothers and they leave mouse heads and other gruesome delicacies on the back step regularly.

While I rest, elevate, compress and ice I continue the obsession by stalking my current favorite blogs. You can find them here, here and here.

Here my dog tries to pretend he's just another stuffy on the couch. Nice try, Whoopie.

Friday, April 22, 2011

mr. handsome

My horse has a lot of nicknames. Mr. Big, King Kong (buh Donkey Dong), and my least favorite (via Nice Dad), Patrick. ("Hey SpongeBob, guess what I'm thinking!")

But to me he will always be King of Hearts. So I told the CGA President his best name and she was so thoughtful to include it on his new bronc halter for a year - end award. Check out those eyelashes! So manly.

King and I had an interesting time at the first CGA show this year. To make a long story short we will be working hard on control for the next six to twelve months. I need to get down in my seat and stay put. In other words, I need to NOT fall off and twist my knee up really bad like I did last Sunday. Enthusiasm will NOT equal heedlessness.

I will also NOT call this post "how I ended my running career." Two or three weeks off will NOT destroy my cardiovascular endurance. Rest, ice, and get back with the program. The end.

I love how the calfskin matches his pretty sorrel nose too. Don't you just want to kiss it! OK that's just me.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

santa cruz half marathon

Last Sunday I ran the Santa Cruz Half.  I had been training for this race for thirteen weeks.  I have done four half marathons but I have never trained as hard before as I did for this one.  My usual goal is to "get 'er done."  My goal this time:  do it faster.

You see, I've always been kind of a half hearted runner.  Yeah, I like how it makes me feel, yeah it's a great way to lose weight, blah blah blah BUT I never just ran because I enjoyed it.  With this training, I actually got to the point of looking forward to it.  I relished the sweat, the soreness, the time and effort mainly because I was seeing results.  I was getting faster.

The course was gorgeous, the weather was perfect.  After I got over the disappointment of not getting a swag bag (what the heck?!), I got myself psyched for the race.  I needed to make a 2:30 time in order to get placed in an actual corral for the Disney half, instead of at the back with the walkers and gawkers.  I didn't feel nervous at all, I felt... prepared.

Pre - race rituals went well:  I ate a banana with almond butter, and there were no lines at the porta potties.  So far, so good.  I got off to a great start and paced well.  Other than some stomach issues that I will not expand upon here, I felt SO HAPPY.  I felt like I was finally..... a runner.

Unfortunately despite the fact that five people were waiting for me at the finish, noone saw me cross the line..... in 2:19.

But here's a picture of what you really wanted to see anyway.... what I had for lunch the day before:

Spinach, cucumbers, Newman's Italian (I measure out one tablespoon, yeah call me obsessive), hummus and two kinds of fish:  tuna and cracker.  Let me tell you goldfish make the best croutons.

I am very, very happy and very, very proud.  And you can bet your life I'm buying a Spibelt and taking the damn camera with me at Disneyland.
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