Sunday, November 13, 2011

kiss the bride

Did you ever see the movie Runaway Bride with Julia Roberts? I just love that first scene when she takes off on her horse. So when the yearly October costume show came around, I decided to be the Runaway Bride. I found a beautiful dress at the Goodwill (in perfect condition too - just a couple coffee stains) and then it was time to de - condition.

De - conditioning means trying out something that your horse might feel is scary before you actually do it. No way was I going to just jump on Jumbo's back without letting him check me out in this ensemble. It was just too big, white and puffy. I started by wearing it to feed the horses.

Noone gave me a second glance. Guess they didn't care what I was wearing as long as they got that hay. I took it a step farther and gave Mr. Big a little rubdown with the train.

*sigh* (shifts his weight) "Whatever, lady."

The show was amazing and I had such a good time playing out this fantasy. How often do you get to wear a wedding dress, anyway? And this one fit so well and was so pretty.

Good times.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

YEA I was waiting for this story!

7:34 PM  
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