Sunday, November 27, 2011


Little Princess' birthday always begins on Thanksgiving. Nine years ago today in a fit of labor induced enthusiasm I stood in the kitchen, cooking an entire vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner between contractions. I remember it well.

Later that night I paced the floor fitfully, knowing the worst was yet to come. At dusk, Nice Dad convinced me to take a walk. I had hardly made it to the gate when I got slammed. I retreated to the bathtub and didn't emerge until I had pushed out a sweet baby girl. Yes right there in my claw foot (still one of her favorite places)

To celebrate this year, we took a friend to downtown Santa Cruz for a movie, then to Marini's for an ice cream treat. Home for pizza and a couple of simple crafts. A noisy sleepover, then up by seven for French toast (Nice Dad's specialty) and a pile of presents.

Happy Birthday my sweet girl. You have become an amazing Math whiz, a comical clown, a loyal friend to many and a talented cowgirl to boot. I love you.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

kiss the bride

Did you ever see the movie Runaway Bride with Julia Roberts? I just love that first scene when she takes off on her horse. So when the yearly October costume show came around, I decided to be the Runaway Bride. I found a beautiful dress at the Goodwill (in perfect condition too - just a couple coffee stains) and then it was time to de - condition.

De - conditioning means trying out something that your horse might feel is scary before you actually do it. No way was I going to just jump on Jumbo's back without letting him check me out in this ensemble. It was just too big, white and puffy. I started by wearing it to feed the horses.

Noone gave me a second glance. Guess they didn't care what I was wearing as long as they got that hay. I took it a step farther and gave Mr. Big a little rubdown with the train.

*sigh* (shifts his weight) "Whatever, lady."

The show was amazing and I had such a good time playing out this fantasy. How often do you get to wear a wedding dress, anyway? And this one fit so well and was so pretty.

Good times.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

horsey girl

My sweet horsey girl is a senior this year. She has played water polo every year since she was a freshman. This year she is particularly strong and beautiful member of the team. She plays the whole time most games and even when the going gets tough she just keeps getting tougher.

Last week she played her last home game and it was bittersweet. The Wildcats won handily and then they had a special ceremony for the graduating girls. Tears and chlorine all mixed together on the deck.

This team is really bonded and the energy they bring to the pool is incredible. I will really miss sitting on the bleachers and cheering them on. They are all just as sweet and pretty as they are ruthless when faced with a tough opponent. Also very very funny, in a teenage sort of way...

But I am proudest of all of this beautiful girl. Can't believe she will be 18 in April. And she just found out the coach at Foothill College wants her to come play next year. A girl with a plan? More time in the pool?

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