Saturday, March 26, 2011

go green 10k

A couple of weekends ago we ran the Go Green race in Los Gatos.  It was the second year for this event.  Last year I ran the 5k and I will never reveal my time so don't ask.

Yes that is Shamrock Mickey on my chest.  Just gettin' a little bit psyched for the Disneyland Half on Labor Day.  More about that later.

Nice Dad ran the half mary that day and set a PR, doing it in under 2 hours.  I'm pretty sure I'll be kicking his butt by September though.

Little P. ran the last few yards with him just for fun (in her pink dress)

The race was not too organized this year and there were a lot of complaints.  At one point I saw a sign go by me that read, "10k Turn Around Here".  Then there was a sea of runners coming towards me with panicked looks on their faces because they had passed the sign.  I guess the course was not too well marked and I even talked to one woman who had tried to run the 10k and ended up running the half.  She didn't even notice until mile 9... oops.

All in all it was good times.  I paced my friend John to his own PR.  As for me... well how does 59:50 sound?  I placed 24th out of 120 women in my age group (which shall remain numberless, he he)  Let's just say not bad for an old Mom.

Gonna kick some serious Santa Cruz Half Mary trash on April 10th!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

leprechaun trap

Best homework ever.

She spent three hours on this. Good times.

And it worked! They got away, but left her 57 cents in very shiny coins. Thoughtful, huh?
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