Wednesday, September 30, 2009

more in the garden

Here's an average afternoon harvest.... I have finally pulled out the squash plants, they were dry and sprawling, leaves as big across as my arm.  Now the bed is ready for more chard, kale, lettuce and hopefully broccoli.  These are currently sprouting on my deck.

I still love the marigolds, glowing like real gold and growing strong.

This sunflower was the sentry of the garden this year.  From here it looks as tall as the house!  I believe it was easily 15 feet... drooping now, dripping seeds to the delight of the birds.

Here's my favorite pic. It's currently my laptop's desktop (try it!) Can you see the bees?

Little P. got her Halloween costume at Goodwill today.  She will be a little witch (snagged a black and glittery dress and hat for only $10).  At her request I will be the mama witch.

Did you notice three pictures in a row this time?  Prayers work, people!

So many pictures, thoughts, impressions.... I love my little blog.  Updating every day has become something to look forward to.  Love to all!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

garden 2009

Kale, chard, peppers, marigolds.  The flowers in the next bed got tall, then flopped over to make an enchanting tunnel for Black Jack.

The pumpkin vine in the background started out strong, but got mildew halfway through and I lost fruit after fruit.  One orange, one still green, but no butternut to speak of.

Maybe next year.

Monday, September 28, 2009


Sometimes I like putting things together that you normally wouldn't think of.  Like these apples and brussel sprouts.  Aren't they beautiful?  The brussel sprout woman at the Felton Farmer's Market is so cool she doesn't give you any bags.  Bring your own, or double up with another selection... like I did here.

Other interesting combinations:  honey and almond milk in my coffee.  Or a new favorite smoothie:  cucumber, mango, and mint.  So refreshing!  

I saw a cool scarf on a woman yesterday.  She had cut a long rectangle of a pretty cotton print and backed it with polar fleece.  So simple, yet a great combination.  I want to try that.... maybe for Christmas presents.... I want to try some with wool too.  Maybe repurpose some old thrift store pieces?  I'm all about making stuff for Christmas this year.

I finished a pair of fingerless gloves and have moved on to a hat that I'm working up in my own handspun.  Yes Christine I know you can't wait to see them  ; )

Sunday, September 27, 2009

fish ritual

You know what happens when we go to the fair..... every year.  Believe it or not, this one is still alive (it's been a month and a half!)

Blogger is still being weird.  Seems like one picture is OK but more gives me the error alert again.  So I will do something I enjoy anyway:  simplify.

My house is very VERY clean right now because my in-laws are here.  I love it when it's so clean.  I have simplified so much that it might seem sparse to some people.  Just a few comfortable spots to sit, a favorite picture or two, and my knitting on the coffee table.  Ah.

Oooh, did I just say knitting?!  Yes, I'm back to knitting and spinning.  With University being over I now have the time.  I'll show you pictures soon.  But just one at a time, apparently.

Today is clean up the garden day.  I hope your weekend is delicious.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

the sunny side

Oh my Goddess.  I had almost given up.  For weeks now I only got "Error 400" whenever I tried to post pictures here.  I went through the stages of grief... denial (trying to post, over and over and over), anger (many many expletives shouted at the laptop), sadness (I grieved heavily over my little corner of the net that held so many memories; thought seriously about getting it made into a book), and acceptance (maybe it should just be a blog with no pictures?...even attempted to start a Typepad account - but cancelled it quickly due to the perceived learning curve).  And now, I'm back!!!!

Not to jinx it or anything..... I may post every day for awhile!!

Thanks for waiting.  Hopefully I didn't lose both my readers   ;  )

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I have been trying to post for over two weeks.  I have wonderful Fair pictures as well as some neat stuff around the house to show you.  However, Blogger refuses to publish my pictures, and all blogging seems to have come to an abrupt halt...

I fear an updated service is in order, and indeed, my wireless has been down ever since February, so I hope I don't lose both my readers as I take the time to figure out what's wrong.

miss you  *sniff*

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

meet your meat

We went to the Monterey County Fair.  I love it because it is my childhood.  So many fond memories here.  I even got my first kiss somewhere out in the livestock barns.  ( I was thirteen and had braces.)

Little P. was chagrined to see me eat beef today.  "Mom, you are on a RAW diet."  She is right.  But sometimes we stray.  I love to see the 4-Hers with their animals.  They take a lot of pride in their work ( and they work hard.)  They keep exhaustive records.  As a result, they strive to make a profit from ranching (albeit small scale).   I wonder if you could eat this way and maintain your good karma?

For instance, if you bought an animal at the 4-H auction, you would pay two to three times the regular wholesale price; yet you would rest assured that these animals had a quality of life far greater than some people!

Well groomed, well cared for, and positively well loved.  Though 4-Hers are aware of their charges' fate, they still instill a sense of unconditional love within the hearts of their animals.  Could this be because they are children?

Of course, noone is going to eat something this adorable.

Anyway, if you had the freezer space, and felt the need to eat animal flesh, I think this would be the best way to go.  Probably economical in the long run, as well.  

I am off the raw path somewhat, but feeling OK with my choices for the most part.  I get a CSA tomorrow.  And yesterday I shared vegetables from the garden with my friends at school.

Life is good.
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