Saturday, June 30, 2007

all the rage

Seems like everybody is doing the granny square thing, so I thought I'd flash mine. I'm so happy with these colors...especially the brown border. Black would have been too harsh. And that lighter green just matches the walls of our bedroom.

Making one of these is a monumental task. The fun part is choosing the colors, then laying them out in a pleasing way. What a great way to use up your stash! Most of these squares are one color, but a few incude two or a variegated yarn. This afghan covers our queen sized bed nicely, and is wonderful to snuggle under - not too heavy, soft not scratchy. I'm so lucky to have it...

...and I never lifted a hook.

My favorite summer thrift store find so far. Now I'm in with the "in crowd!"

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

keep your focus strong

I first taught myself to spin on a drop spindle. I was afraid to invest in a wheel until I felt confident in my skill. Now there is something comforting about picking it up. I spun the total of the Cotswald from Simmy here on this little rainbow wood spindle I got at Carolina Homespun. The plan was to spin it in rainbow order...

...which worked out pretty well. Much of this was done at the Herbal Symposium, during sacred space. Now I will continue the rainbow idea through in the knitting....I hope to end up with kind of a majickal chakra mojo bag. Here I have yet to spin the green...I skipped the dark green in favor of finishing sooner (!) I think it will be OK.

I am the spindle of my life
I am the spindle of my life

Here I go spinning inwards
Here I go spinning outwards

Here I go, spinning without words
Here I go, spinning without words

-Carolyn Hillyer

Monday, June 25, 2007

spin woman, spin

Here's the corner where I keep my wheel. I generally just pull up a chair from the dining table and work right here. There are baskets of fiber under the round table, and the puppy just loves getting in there and chewing stuff. The dangly figure on the front of my wheel is a man Horsey Girl made out of my first spinning attempts.

I have improved dramatically. Now I can get a pretty even result, and I'm practicing making the thickness I desire as well. This is merino from Carolina Homespun in the colorway "Forest". There is still a lot of this roving left, and most of it has been a little bit chewed on. I like watching the colors transpose by twisting, then winding. It always surprises me that it looks so different coming out than it did going in.

The color here is a little weird, taken in the evening light. How will I ply this? I was hoping to make sock yarn. I think it will turn out heathery. The main colors do look foresty - but more like the forest in autumn. If I ever succeed in actually knitting the socks, it will be my first fiber - to - garment experience.

No pressure though. It's still summer.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

blessed summer solstice

Treasure Map, Summer 2007

Happiest of Summer Solstices to you all...we're at the beach, celebrating with drums by the fire!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

woo hoo!

Summer is here, and the calendar is filling up fast. Parties, Pow Wows, beach dates, P #1's first job...... and it's hot enough to put the sprinkler on the trampoline!

It's a great time for sleeping late...or getting up at 5:40 for a run. Depending on nothing more than what I feel like doing. I love not leaving the house; it's nice to have time to spend on cleaning long - neglected spots, discovering projects I want to do, or just generally puttering.

Hi Dad! Hope you're having fun at work!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

the extent of my current creativity

I liked this shirt when I bought it...but something was wrong with the proportions. I've seen so many umpteen raw edges out there in tops, I didn't feel at all guilty whipping out my sharpest scissors. And, wa la...

Much cooler now. I just cut the sleeves off 1/2" from the shoulder seam, and stretched out the armholes so the edge kind of curled up. I can't wait to wear this in Hawaii!

Gotta go excercise now...

Monday, June 18, 2007


Check out my last post for the "before." A trip to Target produced the perfect stainless steel lazy susan, and I got to throw out my (second) crappy broken plastic one. In the foreground: a cup of Yerba Mate brewing...

...because I got this lovely box in the mail. My Knitter's Tea Pal, Cassie, sent me the most wonderful package. The tea! The fibery goodness! It was all so wonderfully sweet.

Sock yarn in a mellow lichen color. The fiber is tencel/merino in the colorway "mudcloth". It's from Chasing Rainbows Dyeworks, in Willits...I passed that town on my way to Camp! It's really shiny and ropy, looks like an interesting spin.

These crunchy candied walnuts are heaven on salad with feta cheese and dried cranberries. I love salty and sweet!

Along with the Yerba Mate, Cassie sent some deliciously refreshing green mint blend. I used my new tea strainer to make a big pitcher, which I then let cool down, added honey, and drank over ice. Wow! Thank you so much Cassie. You are a sweet pal. Hope you are enjoying California!

And to round out the swap theme, Simmy's books arrived this week as well. These books are perfect for paging through while lounging on the deck with my iced tea. Looks like summer is here folks!

Simmy, I'm so glad to make a special connection with you. I ran across your Waldorf doll tutorial while cleaning - printed out and tucked away many months ago. Thank you for your presents, and your presence!

Friday, June 15, 2007

how many bentos is too many?

And if you don't lurk around here, like I do, you just won't understand. I've even let a few of my containers go recently, as they were scratched and cracked. It seems I have enough though.

I just finished posting my tea stash here when I thought I'd turn around and snap some more pictures while I was at it. This corner holds this and that. Whatever needs to be a little more accessable.

I'm way too lazy to post to that "corners" club (though I am a member). I wonder if it would bring me any more traffic?

What I'm really doing here is a shameless excuse for not having craft content. I am doing crafty swaps, joining crafty groups, and to be truthful, impersonating a crafter. Or a spinner, at least!
I did do some spinning at my Guild Meeting last Saturday. A lot! I promise! I just need to take some pictures...I am very inspired to sew, but it's just way too hot upstairs....already.

And I'm sooo close to finishing the Mushroom Socks (remember those?!). The colors are really up, toe up. Please stay tuned.

Monday, June 11, 2007

art weekend

The two P's had a cozy weekend together this week. I was so happy to encourage a little artfest. Does my big girl not have color sense!? (The "abstract" at the center bottom was the little P's effort).

The afternoon light is so delicious. Only ten more days until Summer Solstice! Early mornings are the best time for runs these days. Look at the industrious sisters.

Here we are using Crayola paint - in - the - brush paints, just squeeze and blend. I'd better buy the big P some acrylics, she likes texture and the thick layers that create a rich, complex look.

Big P's flower on the left. Little P's garden on the right. You can tell they're sisters, right?

Darn if this little venue has become an altar of sorts...ode to creativity, perhaps? Caterpillars (watercolor on egg cartons), raku cup of pens, recents paintings and a peacock feather.

Majick is the art of channeling thoughts into being.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

kinder chic

Great looks from the playground. Striped skirt with polka dot Vans. Layered t-shirts are de rigeur.

Beaded fringe on powder pink pants.

Flirty skirt over rugged bottoms. Tie dye tennies complete the look.

Tres chic: skinny dress over leggings, slim slip - ons. Perfect for summer days on the fence.

I love, love, love this little denim wrap dress, and must try to re - construct it for little P., and maybe a big one for me too?! Doesn't look too hard.

Les enfants tres chic!

Monday, June 04, 2007


Just a few more images from camp (I promise...but look! Craft content!). Some talented woman was selling these hand - screened patches. (Again, no website - and no email, boo hoo!) How did I resist buying any of these?

I'll tell you how: visualizing the piles of untouched fabric under my worktable. But check these out! I asked if she used Gocco....she'd never heard of it. There must have been 100 sets of images, each one unique and wonderful, and (sorry!) dirt cheap. Any one of these could be a launching point for a pillow, a bag, or many could be a unique quilt.

I charge you all to take the inspiration now...and run with it. But don't run with scissors. ; )

Saturday, June 02, 2007


Little maidens get ready for the ceremony. They know their time is coming.

The young women lined up are waiting for the ritual. Horsey Girl is last in line, and chagrined at my taking pictures.

The giant puppets lead the way for the community of women. We march and chant and sing and dance around the girls who will soon become women.

Maiden, Mother and Crone are larger than life. We embrace the next generation and welcome them with love.

"Mom, what is a Crone?" H.G. asks me in the book store. "Well, she has a lot of life experience, so she is a good person to ask for advice," I say. "She is a Wise Woman, and a Keeper of the Mysteries. Some Crones don't bleed any more, but not all menopausal women are's really a state of mind."

Here the resident Crones wield their mighty brooms.

I feel so blessed to bring my daughter to this rite of passage (see her there on the left with her long black cloak!) It was an experience we will never forget, one not usually seen in the larger world...blessed be the women and girls who made our time so special. Young women need to be honored and accepted into the society of women; it is time to put competitions aside, and come together for the Highest Good of all.

So be it!
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