Tuesday, November 27, 2007


My smallest girl (out of three) is five today. Five years ago I was getting ready to push her out into my claw foot bathtub.

Chloe is good at math. Sizing up the cupcakes with my sister, she announced, "There are enough for everyone to have two." A good omen.

So much has happened since her five earth's rotations around the sun. Happiness, sadness, celebrations, grief. All as it is and should be.

Happy Birthday my youngest daughter. How much you have blessed my life. I love you.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

my sister's house

My sister L. is thirteen years older than I. It's always a hoot to go to her house for holidays. Here is Kupa, he can make you jump through the ceiling with the sound he makes.

Flip here is not much better. He likes to start jabbering as soon as you try to talk to someone. My brother in law calls L's house the Wild Kingdom.

Indeed. Birds, a dog, and my two free loading twenty-something nephews round out the sense of adventure. But we did have fun...and a wonderful dinner.

And all of us were thankful not to be turkeys.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

stacking the deck

A dawn "before"...

...and the during, which I wished could have remained. I did a few rounds of yoga here when it was so amazingly pristine and open and beautiful. It was like practicing in mid-air.

And the final result, amazingly only about two weeks after the work was begun. I *heart* and {{{{{appreciate}}}}} contractors! It's like having another room, under the sky, held up by trees.

The famous Winchester Mystery House French doors now actually open onto this lovely space instead of a forty foot drop. Most lovely in any kind of weather (currently mid - 60's).

And, ah....yes. The theory here is that creating a comfortable environment can enhance academic achievement. Being comfortable and in beauty can help you get a literature review done and you are sure to receive an A+ to boot. So here I go....must read research now.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

the wish card

Is my cup half empty or half full? I believe one of the beautiful gifts of living a majickal life is the "changing of consciousness at will" (Starhawk). If I sense my cup is draining, it is my job (and only MY job) to fill it up again. Noone can steal my energy, because I am aware and present of where it is directed. If someone casts a spell against me, I can undo it. Negative entities bounce off my shield of Truth.

I LOVE the nine of cups because yes, I have always known it as the Wish Card (Witch Card!). In my old German Rider Waite, the man closely guards his symbols. He keeps his wits about him and counts his blessings (sometimes over and over again!) It speaks to me about letting what needs to be revealed out into the world, and carefully guarding what I know is truly only mine.

I wish all beings to know their Truth, and to be at peace.

Can I accept a happy life? I believe the true question is: Can I choose to create a happy life? Because the answer lies within me. I can see challenges as opportunities. I can seek to rise above the foils of human existence. I value Earth School for it's blessings both welcomed and despised.

I am learning to evaluate research in school right now. Though the content is valuable within each writing, my focus is required elsewhere: Is this worthy of my study? Are the variables defendable? Is this material relevent to the general population (highest good of all?)

"Sometimes the wounds of the past need to be healed before you can grow into your wish." It is true that my mind can sometimes be the antithesis of peace. Tonight I have taken a step towards forgiveness. I have confronted a key player in the game of my disrupted relationship. It feels right, and I feel fulfilled on some levels even prior to the inevitable response. I accept what must be done for the healing, it is scary but it is REAL. I feel the unlimited love, joy and wisdom that comes with being true to my own heart, filling it completely.

I know what is important, and in the knowing I create miracles.
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