Tuesday, September 06, 2011

disneyland half marathon

Sunday I ran the Disneyland Half Marathon. Since I took a lot of pictures and tried to just have fun I went a teensy bit slower than my last one in April. But that's OK because I had an absolute blast. Something about Disneyland really takes the edge off of running thirteen miles.

This was a very very organized race. For example, they had more porta potties than I have ever seen in my life. I didn't have to wait AT ALL, amazing in itself. They were also very diligent about checking to make sure everyone was in the correct corral. The whole scene was choreographed in a remarkable way so it never seemed like there were 20,000 people all running at the same time. I guess herding people is a Disney expertise.

We started in front of the park, then funneled into the Magic Kingdom. Lots of characters came out to cheer us on. Some runners actually stopped to record the moment but I did not. This made for some pretty blurry pictures so I had to narrow it down to this princess shot. You're welcome.

My favorite part of the race? Passing the 2:30 rabbit at around mile six. She had quite an entourage and was loudly coaching her minions as I glided on by. I'm a runner, not a jogger! Buh - bye.

I also enjoyed getting off the endless asphalt and onto the dirt bank of the Santa Ana river. It was hot, people! So the teeny tiny breeze and a little cooler padding was welcome at around mile 8. Not a particularly pretty river but yeah.

How fun was it to run the warning track at Angels' Stadium? Too bad they suck just like the Giants.

All in all, a good race, a decent time, and my legs held up for two more days of stomping around Disneyland too. I would do this one again. Meanwhile I'll be sticking to 10k's for awhile.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for the runners report..thats runner Not jogger! Way to go!!
Luv Raga

10:22 AM  

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