Monday, July 28, 2008


Little P. is having a pretty great summer. Swim lessons in the morning, bubbles in the afternoon. In addition she spends a lot of time arguing with us about everything and generally being very obstinate. According to "Your Six Year Old", an old book from the Gestalt institute, this is normal. The subtitle to this book is "lovable and defiant."

Evidently, a five and a half year old's relationship with her mother is complicated. On one hand she loves and needs me dearly. The next minute she is screaming that she hates me. Growing up is very very hard. And believe me, just because I teach Kindergarten doesn't mean I have all the answers. It is extremely different dealing with your own child. This girl is whip smart ("scary smart" Nice Dad calls her) and it is impossible to pull one over on her. It takes a lot of patience and a deep well of love to keep up with her shenanigans.

She is sweet as a cupcake, but can turn into a prickly pear in a heartbeat. Funny, creative, musical, infuriating. Constantly in motion, louder than you can believe, and endless mess maker. Button pusher extraordinaire, and when she curls up with me in the morning she smells like a brown sugar cookie.

I think we'll keep her.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

green goddess

The contents of my morning juice. I bought a juicer at Costco and I am very very happy with it...I love gulping my five or so vegetables like an elixer, so much better than coffee too. Above: lemon, apple, celery, cucumber, romaine lettuce and a tiny knob of ginger.

After careful consideration I decided to repaint my red kitchen. Of course you know what's coming.

I love color. I chose the three greens I thought came closest to the green goddess potion. There are a lot of greens out there! I've carefully narrowed it down and the kitchen is half done. A new look for a new diet. Fabulous!

My captive audience. I'm doing the job myself, slowly and carefully, and the mantra as I apply each coat is peace, peace. It's really changing the energy in the kitchen, and in myself.

Hope you are having a peaceful green summer too.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

more raw food

Sprouting and germinating (soaking) is a big part of the raw food regime. Here we have buckwheat sprouts. I was able to find raw buckwheat at my local health food store. After soaking overnight and then sprouting for a couple of days, you have the nuttiest yummiest sprouts ever.

Some I used in a "pizza crust" that turned out pretty yummy. I rest I spread onto a dehydrater tray and stuck out into the sun (peaking around 100 degrees last week).

Perched on the deck rail it only took one day to get nice and dry, crunchy and sweet!

Eat like regular cereal.... only it's ALIVE, in addition to being filled with life energy from the sun. Best enjoyed with almond milk and organic raspberries.

Eating raw is so life changing. I feel cleaner, clearer, happier. My outlook is more positive, and I feel like really taking CARE of myself. It's getting easier too, now that I've tried a few different recipes and choosing what I like best (still not crazy about the spreads, but oh well.) I don't really crave cooked food, but then I am eating some in small amounts - usually for dinner (cooked whole grains and lightly steamed vegetables). I haven't lost any weight, so I'm limiting my fruit intake for now and concentrating on green juice and green smoothies.

More on that coming up. What did YOU have for breakfast?!

Monday, July 14, 2008

faery majick

This year we have been honoring the faery folk. Here we have herbal fairies, picked outside our door and tied in sweet ensembles. They fly and float through the breeze as the fan blows and the windchimes tinkle.

At the Summer Solstice retreat, I won these cards in the raffle. (Oh yeah, we have great raffles!) This deck has pictures from several different artist, all wonderful. It has proven to be a great oracle (think: Midsummer...)

Last new moon, we all built faery altars on the land. We left gifts and thanked everyone for holding the land so dear, always protecting and healing.

They so love to be honored, the dear wee folks.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

dragon ranch

Nice Dad bought a new horse for his nice self. Sir Spark is very lovely and wonderful, steady and handsome like a true prince. They make a nice couple dontcha think.

Here the Large Princess tries to break the gate code to enter our majickal kingdom. She is unsuccessful and later Mom makes her a key of her own.

All the beings here are peaceful. Everyone makes their spot in the world as bright and shiny as they can. We give each other lots of hugs and kisses.

Here is a closeup of Mr. Wonderful. He is a lovely strong horse that is easy and fun to ride. We are so blessed to have a few trails on the property... things are looking greener every day.

The kingdom is growing and glowing. Dragon Ranch rides on. Happy high summer!

Sunday, July 06, 2008


I have been researching the phenomenon of grace for some time now. I sensed from the start that it was mostly a divine gift. Then I started thinking about what grace means in the physical sense.

The author Cheryl Richardson wrote some books about grace. According to her theory, if you start to focus on something, you start to receive more of it. But only if you are noticing. Things become apparent as you focus in on your desire for grace. When things work out in a positive, and usually unexpected way, then that's known as a touch of grace.

Then on a more physical realm, I ran across an author that speaks of grace as an amount of effort. How much effort do you apply to your physical presence in this world? Do you stomp across the floor? Hold tightly? Use more pressure than you need? Are you forceful? Or are you relaxed, immersed in the moment, using just the right amount of effort for the job?

It's tough to know just how much we need to assert our own will, and how much to let go. My beloved counselor says the things we need will all come to us in time, but probably quicker without attachment.

The key is to notice the moments of grace that pop up all around us. If you really stay present and tuned in, you will notice more and more things coming together for you, usually in ways that you never would have expected. It's like a little mental treasure hunt: notice good things that happen, no matter how tiny, and thank the spirit of grace, then use it to your highest good.

Then spread the joy!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

this summer

These mornings find me by the pool with knitting in hand. It's a great life I tell you. I can knock off half a dishcloth in about one swim lesson.

Littlest Princess is learning to swim. Her instructor, Nate, is infinitely patient and kind, as well as a terrific cheerleader. "Go, Chloe, go! Great job!" his voice carries over the slick blue expanse of the pool at our local high school.

Of course Nice Dad had to outfit her to the hilt for this new adventure. Hence the coordinating pink suit, cap and goggles. Such sweet memories are made of summers like this.

All this, and it's barely July! Rock on, summer.
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