Saturday, January 24, 2009

raw, rawer, rawest

I first started this raw eating idea in the summer. I have bought every book, read every blog, downloaded every recipe and joined every forum you can imagine. I started juicing around the middle of June I think; I ate high raw, but bad everything else then, including too much alcohol.
Well, I was on vacation, wasn't I? I enjoyed all the fruit and salads, but by mid-afternoon I was ready for baked things like good bread, pizza, and my famous macaroni and cheese with egg (horsey girl's much requested favorite). I loved how the juice made me feel, though, and my urge for coffee dropped away easily.

This next picture was taken on my birthday in mid-August.

When school started, it was harder to make juice since I was short on time in the mornings. So I started with the green smoothies. I have been drinking about a quart of green smoothie every day since the end of August. I absolutely crave this. Last month, I started eating raw until dinner. I have my smoothie, then fruit around ten or so. I used to want protein at this time, and would usually eat nuts or a string cheese. Now I'm cutting dairy and I feel just fine on fruit alone (I always mix two or more kinds, and I mix ordinary things like apples with fun things like blueberries or kiwi.)

Here I am at the end of October. Do I look different to you?

ND says my aura has changed. I can tell you that my skin doesn't seem as wrinkly; my hair is really soft and shiny - I only have to wash it once a week. And I've lost some weight. The most astonishing part is my mental clarity and high energy. I'm just not exhausted at the end of the day any more! I'm in a good mood and feel loving and expansive in a new way.

Anyway, after the fruit I have a huge salad with raw dressing for lunch, about twelve o'clock. After school I still indulge in a small amount of dark chocolate. And instead of beer, I am totally hooked on Kombucha after school. It's highly carbonated, and has a slight alcohol taste so my mind is tricked out of its usual craving. When I get home, there are many chores to be done, and then I cook myself and ND and Lil P. a nice vegan dinner. Most nights it's a whole grain like brown rice or quinoa with roasted veggies or a baked sweet potato. Sometimes, like tonight, I make some nice organic bean stew with lots of greens.

As I was browising my photos for a pic of me to upload onto an online class website (yes, school has started for real!), I noticed how very few pictures I have of myself. Since comparing these two images, I am curious now to track my progress visually... In a couple more months it might be interesting to compare again....

News flash: We are heading to Paradise again! And not a moment too soon. Hmmm, I wonder if I could live in Hawaii for a week and just eat local, organic fruit?.....

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


The ocean washes clean. The day before our new president came, we went to the beach. It felt like a good day for a cleanse.

Unfortunately, Capitola beach is far from clean. The water here is best approached cautiously, and best followed by a thorough shower. But the views are lovely, and the light serene.

Another 80 degree day in paradise. Sorry about all the snow, you northern and eastern folks. Here in California we are crisping up nicely in the globally warmed west. It feels good albeit a little scary.

Horsey girl basks and grins. A nice long weekend gives us room to bond, laugh, play and love.

The ocean is the beginning of the earth. All life comes from the sea. The river she is flowing, flowing and growing. The river she is flowing, down to the sea.

Mother, carry me, your child I will always be. Mother, carry me down to the sea.

My beautiful first girl is a senior this year. Where did the time go? I remember her so well as a toddling child, wondering at the world. She still sings when she's happy...

All is well, I have my children and the sun and the ocean. And we have new leadership.

The king is dead! Long live the king!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Here is where I really wish to be most mornings: hitting the mat outside on the deck facing east, steaming cup of hot lemony water at hand for between asanas.

After a good long yoga session I'm ready to curl up and plan the day's meals. The best part about cooking raw? The clean up (or lack of it)! Nothing to soak or scrub, just a rinse in most cases, or sometimes a gently nudge with a loofa and some Dr. Brommer's.

I've started sprouting again. Here we have garbanzos for raw hummus, and lentils... I found they are delicious on salads.

The controlled chaos shown above is highlighted by the lovely morning light in my kitchen. I so enjoyed being home this past vacation, if nothing but to follow the light around the house and see where it falls these short winter days.

Another morning treat: kale, fresh oranges, frozen strawberries and lemon juice. Juicy!

I've been asked to allow my green smoothie testimonial to be in print on a certain raw food website. I'm famous!

Sunday, January 04, 2009


Vacation is over. The gingerbread house never really happened this year, but we tried. I set the remains into the center of my garden. This year, I will have a garden, and I made a little faery offering to help the energy along.

December is done, we are well into the new year. I bought and ate a lot of fruit and vegetables these last two weeks. I was faithful with my green smoothie routine, and had time to juice as well. I drank carrot and beet juice. I made a raw apple pie (recipe from Ani's Raw Kitchen, and worth the price of the whole book) and took it to a New Year's party. Yum, it was a hit!

Little P. and I got to hang out, read together, stretch out on the deck in the sun, write, paint, draw, scribble, knit (a little), play games on the laptop (above).

I tried out raw recipes, bought more raw food books, and generally obsessed. I ate raw until dinner most days. I made huge salads loaded with real, live food, and devoured them. I am learning how filling these foods are. Seems when something is more nourishing, it is more filling. You don't need a whole lot of real food to feel satisfied.

The salad above has raw taco "meat", onions, and vibrant lemon vinagrette, along with seven kinds of veggies and romaine lettuce.

Trying to tune in to what my body says to this question.

Thursday, January 01, 2009


This year, I will be more like my dogs. Comfortable in my routine, devoted to the things I love, and completely present. I will also strive to show more love to all the animals in my life. I feel some class pets in my future.

I will read less cookbooks, and do more cooking. This was my "family" gift. We draw names, and my sister M. got me. I told her how much I love Tessa Kiros, and she got me the other two books she wrote. (Falling Cloudberries is on its way.) Her writing, and the pictures, make these cookbooks so great. I can sit and drool over all the things I will probably never make in this one, dreaming of living in a Tuscan village (I think it's a past life thing).

I will give love, and accept love. I will have more fun.

I will finish my Master's Degree, and write a great thesis. I will be the best Kindergarten teacher that I can be. I will be a good and fair mom, and I will not forget to play. I will enjoy making things. I will be more patient.

Don't you love the boots Santa brought her?

Happy New Year, everyone. If you are reading this, I love you!
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