Thursday, October 01, 2009

random thoughts

*** My job is making me very, very tired.  I have 24 Kindergarteners this year.... more than I have ever had in 13 years.  This information meets with some eye rolling from some people, who remember their own classes of 30 or more.  But let me tell you, 40 - something people:  your Kindergarten teacher was not required to teach you to read.

*** Thus when I get home I make a beeline to my quiet room and my beloved laptop.  It doesn't help that I decided to quit drinking recently (24 days ago to be exact).  Now I can only escape into Juice Squeeze and carbs, and let me tell you this is taking a toll on the old midsection.

*** Little P. is watching The Shaggy Dog and it is bringing back many fond memories.  What is better than Fred McMurray and Annette Funicello?

*** My oldest sister calls Annette Funicello Annette Puddin'-'n'-Jello.

*** Despite my best intentions I cannot get back into exercise or raw food.  I want to run in the morning, but it's just too darn dark!  And even though I have plenty of veggies in the garden, I've strayed to tea and toast, and the famous three ch's (some of you remember:  chips, cheese and chocolate).

*** Mercury has finally gone direct, and on the 15th all this will get straightened out, I hope.

*** I'm contemplating the Master Cleanse.

*** I believe the secret to keeping the fish alive is the air fern I stuck in the water.  Though that didn't help the one we got two weeks ago at the Santa Cruz County Fair, that only lasted one day.  I guess it's just luck.


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