Sunday, May 22, 2011

farmer's market love

Tuesday is my maiden voyage back to running. I am planning a slow three miler with the P. on her bike. Wish me luck!

I have done NOTHING during my six weeks off from running. Unless you count chasing 20 Kindergarteners around or trolling the Farmer's Market once a week. I have a feeling that starting off again is gonna be tough. Must stop and smell the flowers now.

Though I have not been exercising, I have been eating well. I make Nice Dad nervous with the amount of green vegetables I consume at any given sitting. Currently I go through seven zucchinis, two heads of broccoli and a ginormous box of spinach about every seven days. These 'chokes were tempting but pricey. Plus they take to long to eat.

Anyway I think the diet and the resting have finally paid off. My knee feels tricky, but no longer painful. With a carefully applied system of ice and a hot water bottle I believe I will get back in the game in no time. Just gotta work on the old cardiovascular endurance... again. Can't wait for those endorphins!!

And I am happy to say the weather is finally looking normal. Will we really have a Spring this year?! Starting to wonder.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

halloween in may

Since the October CGA show was cancelled, we had a costume parade last month. Here Nice Dad comes as my knight in shining armor. I think he wears it well don't you.

Little P. insisted on being the Headless Horseman and she made this costume all by herself. I am so proud when my kids get creative. This is what happens when you turn the TV off on weekdays.

This look was even more impressive during her events. This girl's confidence has grown 100% in the last year. See how nicely the black mare takes care of my child. So glad we didn't buy her a pony! Who needs that trouble!?

No, I didn't dress up, and I was glad since the only thing more humiliating than falling off your horse is doing it in a costume. And Mr. Big came as his handsome self as you can see. *sigh* true love.

Friday, May 13, 2011

santa cruz weirdness

You never know what you're going to see in Santa Cruz. This guy has all kinds of outfits but I saw him here the day before Easter decked out like this. I was coming out of Marini's and I might have been carrying a bag of english toffee. I might have also eaten all of it as I strolled around town.

Later I went to coffee and I whipped out this bento for snacks as I updated the blahg. It was such a lovely day. I really like packing food when I am out and about; it saves me money, and it keeps me eating healthier, too.

Except for the toffee.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

riding with my daughter

We are attempting to ride every other day, in order to get our horses in shape (ahem) for competition. Since we have established that we are working on control (ahem ahem) now we do lots of legwork on the trails, a little jogging for endurance, a little cantering to practice rating and the all important STOP.

I love coming home from a long day at work. It's just.... homely.

Our trailer serves as tack room and hitching post. The horses learn to hang out comfortably this way also which is great when we are out somewhere else. I am riding the Western saddle even though I like the convenience of my (permanently) borrowed Haviland. Not so much forward.

Of course Princess number 2 can not quite put her own saddle on yet, so I saddle up for both of us and count it as an upper body workout.

Ah, back in the saddle feels good.

P2 likes to coax Nelly through all the big puddles, but I don't make Mr. Handsome step into anything I wouldn't.

Good times.
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