Sunday, September 16, 2007

forest yarn

Lest you all think I've been moping too much, let me show you my recent accomplishment: this skein of handspun from Carolina Homespun in the colorway "forest". I like the way it looks and feels and I'm starting to itch a little about knitting it up.

Impatient to see how it would ply, I have finished only half of the fiber I have. Another skein would be enough for some small project, most likely socks. Do you like the colors here? There was so much purple, red and green, I never thought it would end up looking so "foresty" but I was wrong. I learned a lot about plying with this project. I plied the whole thing at my last guild meeting under the watchful eye of a Danish friend who has been spinning most of her life. She advised me to find a rythm and to spin it just a little more than I usually do, increasing the strength and giving it a more finished look. No wonder I've always thought plying was faster than spinning.
Now I'm on to spinning the merino/tencel blend I got, I forget which's in the opposite spectrum, green blue and grey. I am learning to spin on the fold for this one.

Meanwhile, life spins on as well. Fall is almost here.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

where have you been?

I want to find the order of reality. I want to truly believe that everything has a purpose and that all challenges are opportunities for growth.

I am on the brink of something big. Meanwhile, I must strive to nurture my creativity. For that is my womynhood.

Careful consideration and observation will set my karmic records straight. I walk a grace-centered path with awareness and spirit.

And attention Leo self: it's not all about me. And what other people perceive as reality can be counted upon as different.

These recent difficult realities are helping me see myself more clearly. But who am I?

I love the pledge I give every year at Brigid. Dh was recently pointing out the correlation of fire (Leo) and water (Pisces) and then (in parenthesis) said simply, "Brigid". Every Brigid I state as part of my sacred ritual: "I am __________, Daughter of Pamela, Grand Daughter of Dovie and Rebecca, Great Grand Daughter of Effie and Unknown....." and then on to state the Who I Am Right Now.

A Right Now look at me, in order of importance:







*Party Girl

*Dark Mother

Thanks for listening.
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