Wednesday, February 20, 2008

don't look Laura

With the new year there has been a surge of creativity in my house. Looking back to the last two sets of February posts, this seems to be true every year. Little P. comes home from Montessori school with armfuls of masterpieces almost daily.

Big P. did this wistful willow by the water. I like the tree's very female form.

Dh cut up some old paintings a designed a series of card for me for Valentine's Day. He calls them True Love Cards and they are each lined up with the Major Arcana from the tarot.

Interestingly, I was upstairs at the same time designing this quilt for my friend Laura. She and I had arranged a swap back in August. The theme? True Love, of course.

I had the idea of a lift - the - flap quilt....each front square is lined with felt and lifts to reveal an affirmation.

Funny how our projects were so similar. This little giveaway feels very sweet. I hope she likes it.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

come on in

Here is something we call California snow. Comes silently in the night, and we are always amazed at the majickal transformation. Then it slips away in a day or so, lingering only faintly white under certain trees.

But if you came into my house today, you'd be greeted by the dregs of Valentine's Day. We hung lanterns over the table and expressions of love at the windows. Piles of paper hearts, bowls of candy, red candles and flowers created the altar to St. Valentine.

Then we got to work on his sacred offering....cupcakes piled high with homemade frosting.

I use the fairy cake recipe from Nigella Lawson's Domestic Goddess book. It's about the only recipe I really use out of that book except the damp lemon sponge cake. But I make nine cupcakes instead of twelve since I like them big and plump.

Now to pour the tea. Hope you can stay awhile.

Thursday, February 07, 2008


I promised myself that I would edit the last post with my Mom. I couldn't get text between the pictures at the end and things were working funkily so I just hit post. Anyway, here's the last picture, the final product. I do not even like this kind of pie really. I think the texture is a lot like snot. But there you go.

I promised at Brigid that I would work towards being true to my authentic self. This is both hard and easy at the same time. It takes focus. There has been a lot to focus on. Little P got pneumonia. Big P ran away from her Dad's house. Xh calling me. And all this with school starting...getting my classes straightened out, getting serious about doint the work. Back pain has led to strict routine of daily lemon water....long soaks in the tub.

These pictures were taken on my drive home one night.

I am well, and thanks to all of you who care and leave me kind comments. I have several knitting fo's to flash...a rib knit scarf with old hand dyed and handspun...a hat and fingerless gloves in handspun (the forest skein has been transformed!) Just not a lot of time to snap, plug in and post.

Thank you Mich
for the nice Make My Day Award. I promise to catch up with you soon...
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