Wednesday, April 28, 2010

district 9 gymkhana

Sunday we hauled the ponies down the winding road to Boulder Creek for the District 9 contest.  It was our first official gymkhana (the kind with rules about what you can wear and how you can only prompt your horse behind the cinch).  It was a hot and sunny day in the forest and there were ice cold Cokes in real glass bottles in the Snack Shack.

Here Nice Dad shows off Sparky's moves on the Speed Barrels.

The horses were in fine form.  Miss Nelly was hot without being hyper; Horsey Girl did a handy job around the poles.

Littlest Princess shows some potential as a real cowgirl, but we're not sure here who's doing the real work.  Nice Dad showed his true Nice colors by leading her through every event, and subsequently she won first place in all seven (being the only lead line participant!)

And now, my first online video!

Yeah that's me.  And yes Sparky can go a lot faster than that... but please keep in mind, I am old.

And I still placed first in both my events.  Giddy yup!

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