Wednesday, June 27, 2007

keep your focus strong

I first taught myself to spin on a drop spindle. I was afraid to invest in a wheel until I felt confident in my skill. Now there is something comforting about picking it up. I spun the total of the Cotswald from Simmy here on this little rainbow wood spindle I got at Carolina Homespun. The plan was to spin it in rainbow order...

...which worked out pretty well. Much of this was done at the Herbal Symposium, during sacred space. Now I will continue the rainbow idea through in the knitting....I hope to end up with kind of a majickal chakra mojo bag. Here I have yet to spin the green...I skipped the dark green in favor of finishing sooner (!) I think it will be OK.

I am the spindle of my life
I am the spindle of my life

Here I go spinning inwards
Here I go spinning outwards

Here I go, spinning without words
Here I go, spinning without words

-Carolyn Hillyer


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