Monday, June 11, 2007

art weekend

The two P's had a cozy weekend together this week. I was so happy to encourage a little artfest. Does my big girl not have color sense!? (The "abstract" at the center bottom was the little P's effort).

The afternoon light is so delicious. Only ten more days until Summer Solstice! Early mornings are the best time for runs these days. Look at the industrious sisters.

Here we are using Crayola paint - in - the - brush paints, just squeeze and blend. I'd better buy the big P some acrylics, she likes texture and the thick layers that create a rich, complex look.

Big P's flower on the left. Little P's garden on the right. You can tell they're sisters, right?

Darn if this little venue has become an altar of sorts...ode to creativity, perhaps? Caterpillars (watercolor on egg cartons), raku cup of pens, recents paintings and a peacock feather.

Majick is the art of channeling thoughts into being.


Blogger Jennifer said...

I just came across your blog today. I love it! I am so intrigued by the Women's Festival you attended - unfortunately, I'm from NJ but there's got to be something like that by me (hoping, hoping, hoping).

5:06 AM  

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