Monday, June 25, 2007

spin woman, spin

Here's the corner where I keep my wheel. I generally just pull up a chair from the dining table and work right here. There are baskets of fiber under the round table, and the puppy just loves getting in there and chewing stuff. The dangly figure on the front of my wheel is a man Horsey Girl made out of my first spinning attempts.

I have improved dramatically. Now I can get a pretty even result, and I'm practicing making the thickness I desire as well. This is merino from Carolina Homespun in the colorway "Forest". There is still a lot of this roving left, and most of it has been a little bit chewed on. I like watching the colors transpose by twisting, then winding. It always surprises me that it looks so different coming out than it did going in.

The color here is a little weird, taken in the evening light. How will I ply this? I was hoping to make sock yarn. I think it will turn out heathery. The main colors do look foresty - but more like the forest in autumn. If I ever succeed in actually knitting the socks, it will be my first fiber - to - garment experience.

No pressure though. It's still summer.


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