Monday, June 04, 2007


Just a few more images from camp (I promise...but look! Craft content!). Some talented woman was selling these hand - screened patches. (Again, no website - and no email, boo hoo!) How did I resist buying any of these?

I'll tell you how: visualizing the piles of untouched fabric under my worktable. But check these out! I asked if she used Gocco....she'd never heard of it. There must have been 100 sets of images, each one unique and wonderful, and (sorry!) dirt cheap. Any one of these could be a launching point for a pillow, a bag, or many could be a unique quilt.

I charge you all to take the inspiration now...and run with it. But don't run with scissors. ; )


Blogger Connie Peterson said...

WOW, what wonderful patches. A quilt, surely? Or a bag? Or a ???? Hmmmm, lucky me I'm not there!


6:37 AM  

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