Sunday, September 27, 2009

fish ritual

You know what happens when we go to the fair..... every year.  Believe it or not, this one is still alive (it's been a month and a half!)

Blogger is still being weird.  Seems like one picture is OK but more gives me the error alert again.  So I will do something I enjoy anyway:  simplify.

My house is very VERY clean right now because my in-laws are here.  I love it when it's so clean.  I have simplified so much that it might seem sparse to some people.  Just a few comfortable spots to sit, a favorite picture or two, and my knitting on the coffee table.  Ah.

Oooh, did I just say knitting?!  Yes, I'm back to knitting and spinning.  With University being over I now have the time.  I'll show you pictures soon.  But just one at a time, apparently.

Today is clean up the garden day.  I hope your weekend is delicious.


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