Monday, September 28, 2009


Sometimes I like putting things together that you normally wouldn't think of.  Like these apples and brussel sprouts.  Aren't they beautiful?  The brussel sprout woman at the Felton Farmer's Market is so cool she doesn't give you any bags.  Bring your own, or double up with another selection... like I did here.

Other interesting combinations:  honey and almond milk in my coffee.  Or a new favorite smoothie:  cucumber, mango, and mint.  So refreshing!  

I saw a cool scarf on a woman yesterday.  She had cut a long rectangle of a pretty cotton print and backed it with polar fleece.  So simple, yet a great combination.  I want to try that.... maybe for Christmas presents.... I want to try some with wool too.  Maybe repurpose some old thrift store pieces?  I'm all about making stuff for Christmas this year.

I finished a pair of fingerless gloves and have moved on to a hat that I'm working up in my own handspun.  Yes Christine I know you can't wait to see them  ; )


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh dear! Am I that predictable? LOL! You're right! I can't wait to see, so hurry up and take those photos woman! ;)

8:26 AM  

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