Saturday, September 26, 2009

the sunny side

Oh my Goddess.  I had almost given up.  For weeks now I only got "Error 400" whenever I tried to post pictures here.  I went through the stages of grief... denial (trying to post, over and over and over), anger (many many expletives shouted at the laptop), sadness (I grieved heavily over my little corner of the net that held so many memories; thought seriously about getting it made into a book), and acceptance (maybe it should just be a blog with no pictures?...even attempted to start a Typepad account - but cancelled it quickly due to the perceived learning curve).  And now, I'm back!!!!

Not to jinx it or anything..... I may post every day for awhile!!

Thanks for waiting.  Hopefully I didn't lose both my readers   ;  )


Blogger LauraJ said...

I'm still here! I adore you and could never "abandon" you. I thought about you often. Well not too often but often enough to notice there was a blog I was missing reading. :)

5:18 AM  

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