Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Here is where I really wish to be most mornings: hitting the mat outside on the deck facing east, steaming cup of hot lemony water at hand for between asanas.

After a good long yoga session I'm ready to curl up and plan the day's meals. The best part about cooking raw? The clean up (or lack of it)! Nothing to soak or scrub, just a rinse in most cases, or sometimes a gently nudge with a loofa and some Dr. Brommer's.

I've started sprouting again. Here we have garbanzos for raw hummus, and lentils... I found they are delicious on salads.

The controlled chaos shown above is highlighted by the lovely morning light in my kitchen. I so enjoyed being home this past vacation, if nothing but to follow the light around the house and see where it falls these short winter days.

Another morning treat: kale, fresh oranges, frozen strawberries and lemon juice. Juicy!

I've been asked to allow my green smoothie testimonial to be in print on a certain raw food website. I'm famous!


Blogger Shakaya Breeze said...

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2:13 PM  
Blogger Rawmom, Shannon Leone said...

aw, you are rawdorable; I love the peaceful mood of this post. I found you from the great comments you left at my blog rawmom.com and decided to stop by! xo Shannon

2:19 PM  

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