Friday, April 22, 2011

mr. handsome

My horse has a lot of nicknames. Mr. Big, King Kong (buh Donkey Dong), and my least favorite (via Nice Dad), Patrick. ("Hey SpongeBob, guess what I'm thinking!")

But to me he will always be King of Hearts. So I told the CGA President his best name and she was so thoughtful to include it on his new bronc halter for a year - end award. Check out those eyelashes! So manly.

King and I had an interesting time at the first CGA show this year. To make a long story short we will be working hard on control for the next six to twelve months. I need to get down in my seat and stay put. In other words, I need to NOT fall off and twist my knee up really bad like I did last Sunday. Enthusiasm will NOT equal heedlessness.

I will also NOT call this post "how I ended my running career." Two or three weeks off will NOT destroy my cardiovascular endurance. Rest, ice, and get back with the program. The end.

I love how the calfskin matches his pretty sorrel nose too. Don't you just want to kiss it! OK that's just me.


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