Saturday, April 30, 2011


It is normal for me to buy a new bag once every two years or so. I always get it on consignment too. Here is my new (to me) Dooney and Burke. Me likee!! It is slouchy, luxe and fits everything snugly. And it has a green duck dangle.

Princess Number One is off at college now. She misses me more than normal and texts me most every day. LA is not too far away and I am planning a little girl getaway. Wish it was in conjunction to a cool race or something. It is normal to obsess about what you cannot have.

Horsey Girl turned seventeen last week. She has two jobs now and she loves my cooking even though I embarrass her on a regular basis. I took her to the Boardwalk but heaven forbid I am allowed to hang out or take too many pictures. Totally normal.

Also normal? Chickens in the house. These chicks are way too big to be in here now and Fred agrees. He's love to help me take them out too.


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