Thursday, April 28, 2011


I saw the doctor today. She says it will be another four weeks or so before I can run again. Apparently I have torn the ligaments on the inside of my knee. Yes, this feels just like it sounds.

Meanwhile I plan on continuing to strength train, stretch, and wrangle that big old bomb of a horse of mine. God is saying "Cross train!" so I am listening. It's tough though. I miss my edorphins like crazy (and this makes me act a little, um, crazy.) After drowning my sorrows in chocolate all weekend I am pulling up my bootstraps and getting back on the raw. I'm also comforting myself in other ways, like wearing these great socks. I made these soooo long ago and nary a hole. Although I have abandoned knitting for more cardiovascular pursuits I still appreciate my past talents.

Of course I will have plenty of company in the easy chair. Don't let this picture fool you, these are the Deadly Brothers and they leave mouse heads and other gruesome delicacies on the back step regularly.

While I rest, elevate, compress and ice I continue the obsession by stalking my current favorite blogs. You can find them here, here and here.

Here my dog tries to pretend he's just another stuffy on the couch. Nice try, Whoopie.


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