Tuesday, July 13, 2010

summer food

It's been awhile since I had a food post.  And they are really my favorite kind.

Here's goat milk yogurt with apricots and raspberries (organic bien sur).  How yummy is this.  I eat goat milk yogurt with a variety of fruit:  peaches, blueberries, bananas, and in the winter, homemade apple compote.  There is just something so incredibly smooth and delicious about goat milk yogurt vs. the regular kind.  A special treat that has become a regular habit.

You can get it pretty cheap at Trader Joe's, but my fantasy is to make my own some day.  (Note to self:  need better refrigeration situation.)

Lunch on any given day is cut up veg from the CSA (note #2:  take pics tomorrow) and a raw dip.  One old favorite is the raw nacho cheeze above:  red pepper, hemp seeds, cashews and a slew of other great stuff.  Comment if you want the recipe.  It is amazing.

I'll generally throw in a couple of Ryevita crackers with this too.  For a little crunch.  

Those yellow things are actually carrots.  Oh yeah!  They were great.

And when life gives you CSA overwhelm, it's time to make juice.  This was from last week:  radiccio, cucumber, carrot, lemon, broccoli stalk, celery.  Today:  cucumber, fennel stalks, romaine, lemon, carrot and half a patty pan squash.  I am learning to use sweeter vegetables instead of apples to sweeten my juice since I have such a hard time buying things out of season.  The lemon is key here - it brightens everything up so nice.

And look Ma, no waste.


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