Wednesday, July 28, 2010

staycation II

Yeah, you guessed it.  I loves me some Boardwalk.

Don't forget your sweatshirt!  The sweet summer sun gives away to fog pretty quickly around 4 pm.  You don't want to get stuck buying one from the Gift Shop.  You'll need to save your money for something really yummy at Marini's.

I love the organ that plays for the carousel.  It is very old and so beautiful.  I love that I can sit and relax while I watch the people go round and round.  It's mesmerizing.

We said we wouldn't stay late, but found ourselves meandering back to the car way past 10.  I ate garlic bread and a caramel apple; P. #2 did the corndog ritual.  She is so big and so brave that now she rides everything.  We watched the pro's on Dance Dance Revolution but were too shy to try.  Perhaps we'll be back to give it another chance.... after all, we've go season passes this year.

A whirl of a night.


Anonymous Aztechalo said...

These photos are really nice. I love the photos of the swing (I love the swing and wish I had one in my yard.)

9:48 PM  

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