Wednesday, December 09, 2009

my dorm

Princess #1 was here for Thanksgiving.  I asked her how she liked my room.... she said "You made yourself a nice little dorm in there, Mom."

Considering my recurring dream is about returning to my college sorority (and trying desperately to figure out how I can go back to live there) I think she's right.  On some subconscious level I created a space that is youthful yet unique.  Warm blankets, a bulletin board with favorite looks torn out of magazines, baskets of personal care products, a scale hidden under the cabinet, piles of books and the occasional gossip magazine.  (And a little chocolate and yarn, of course.)

I love my dorm.

I even have a pair of "goal jeans" hanging by the closet.  Size 9 slims.  Wish me luck.


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