Monday, December 14, 2009

again with the cleanse

My BFF left this angel at my house awhile back.  She is right at home in the garden, keeping watch over me as I do the Master Cleanse again.  Today is Day 8 and I am feeling fine.  Hungry, but fine.  I wasn't sure I could do 10 days but now I feel confident:  I can, and I will.

Little P. likes to dress the angel up in flowers.  This picture was taken before it started raining for two weeks straight...

Here's breakfast from a few weeks ago:  luscious fruit, including some pineapple guavas from my neighbor.  I helped his girlfriend cure her poison oak (Highland's homeopathic pills are the bomb!) and he brought me figs and guavas.  A wonderful trade.

Man that picture looks good.  Last night the family was having pizza.  I amazed myself by being totally satisfied by the smell alone.  Just sat there, inhaling..... and drooling.

Homemade potpourri from the garden, or as P. #2 calls it, "potion."  Yeah she's a witch all right.

My gorgeous sunny garden is a thing of the past now, the flowers have all been drowned.  But the kale still looks pretty good..... I can't wait to eat this whole bed full!

The point of this cleanse goes beyond the physical aspects.  The last time I did the MC for three days with the intention of really turning my diet around afterwards.  This didn't happen.  Now I find I am craving the good stuff..... smoothies, salads, vegetables and quinoa, sweet potatoes.  I will incorporate raw goat cheese and our own good eggs occasionally.  I don't want the sugar, the white stuff, the crap.  I deserve better.

Two more days....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi, looking great as usual. good to see you. looking foward to french qusene and truffles. today a hard day with teen. one last final uggg
thanks for the post distraction
luv raga

2:06 PM  

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