Tuesday, July 22, 2008

green goddess

The contents of my morning juice. I bought a juicer at Costco and I am very very happy with it...I love gulping my five or so vegetables like an elixer, so much better than coffee too. Above: lemon, apple, celery, cucumber, romaine lettuce and a tiny knob of ginger.

After careful consideration I decided to repaint my red kitchen. Of course you know what's coming.

I love color. I chose the three greens I thought came closest to the green goddess potion. There are a lot of greens out there! I've carefully narrowed it down and the kitchen is half done. A new look for a new diet. Fabulous!

My captive audience. I'm doing the job myself, slowly and carefully, and the mantra as I apply each coat is peace, peace. It's really changing the energy in the kitchen, and in myself.

Hope you are having a peaceful green summer too.


Anonymous Chandrala said...

Thank you for your gentle 'noodge' this morning...my poor Champion juicer sits gathering dust while I finish the coffee my husband made this morning. Like T.V., coffe seems to be a slippery slope at best.


9:05 AM  

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