Tuesday, July 15, 2008

more raw food

Sprouting and germinating (soaking) is a big part of the raw food regime. Here we have buckwheat sprouts. I was able to find raw buckwheat at my local health food store. After soaking overnight and then sprouting for a couple of days, you have the nuttiest yummiest sprouts ever.

Some I used in a "pizza crust" that turned out pretty yummy. I rest I spread onto a dehydrater tray and stuck out into the sun (peaking around 100 degrees last week).

Perched on the deck rail it only took one day to get nice and dry, crunchy and sweet!

Eat like regular cereal.... only it's ALIVE, in addition to being filled with life energy from the sun. Best enjoyed with almond milk and organic raspberries.

Eating raw is so life changing. I feel cleaner, clearer, happier. My outlook is more positive, and I feel like really taking CARE of myself. It's getting easier too, now that I've tried a few different recipes and choosing what I like best (still not crazy about the spreads, but oh well.) I don't really crave cooked food, but then I am eating some in small amounts - usually for dinner (cooked whole grains and lightly steamed vegetables). I haven't lost any weight, so I'm limiting my fruit intake for now and concentrating on green juice and green smoothies.

More on that coming up. What did YOU have for breakfast?!


Blogger kim said...

I have been eater "greener" lately. More organic food and stuff from the farmers market.

I really feel better from just that change!

8:08 PM  

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