Sunday, July 06, 2008


I have been researching the phenomenon of grace for some time now. I sensed from the start that it was mostly a divine gift. Then I started thinking about what grace means in the physical sense.

The author Cheryl Richardson wrote some books about grace. According to her theory, if you start to focus on something, you start to receive more of it. But only if you are noticing. Things become apparent as you focus in on your desire for grace. When things work out in a positive, and usually unexpected way, then that's known as a touch of grace.

Then on a more physical realm, I ran across an author that speaks of grace as an amount of effort. How much effort do you apply to your physical presence in this world? Do you stomp across the floor? Hold tightly? Use more pressure than you need? Are you forceful? Or are you relaxed, immersed in the moment, using just the right amount of effort for the job?

It's tough to know just how much we need to assert our own will, and how much to let go. My beloved counselor says the things we need will all come to us in time, but probably quicker without attachment.

The key is to notice the moments of grace that pop up all around us. If you really stay present and tuned in, you will notice more and more things coming together for you, usually in ways that you never would have expected. It's like a little mental treasure hunt: notice good things that happen, no matter how tiny, and thank the spirit of grace, then use it to your highest good.

Then spread the joy!


Blogger Bean said...

Oh my...There you go being all inspiring again! I just love tuning in to your blog to see what you can teach me next. Often there are things that I have already been pondering, but more often, there are things that I should be pondering... So thank you...again!

12:39 AM  
Blogger LauraJ said...

oh oh splendid post today! like you were actually talking to me! How did you know? I mean did you know I needed this?? I'm on the cusp of 35 in 9 days and I'm reflecting upon my life. I'm tired of the oh woe is me, I'm tired of the negativity that I dump on myself. Thank YOU for introducing grace to my life.

7:22 AM  
Anonymous Carrie K said...

That is a lovely definition of grace combined with some heartbreaking pictures.

1:29 PM  

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