Saturday, March 01, 2008

finished knitting

I promised finished object content. Now I deliver! This scarf was my own design. Two strands, one the handspun merino I dyed with Cool Blue Koolaid, the other a thrifted sport weight wool I dyed with Screamin' Green Koolaid. Mind you I have had these yarn for EVER. It feels sooo good to use up the old stash I tell you. The ends of this scarf are five rows of garter stitch, and the rest is k3 p2, very cushy, with a little flare at the bottom. I really like how the color turned out, never mind that I have nothing to match.

Fingerless gloves, again my own design. I have wanted to make a pair of these for the longest time. I started out with another pattern but the k3 p2 stitch was so ingrained that I used it for these and they are nice and snug. This is the good old Forest merino that I spun so very long ago. It's tough to take these off, they make superior computer work or knitting mitts.

Princess #2 models here. Now you see the hat I made her too. Again I used two strands, the Wildflower hanspun (wow, did I really make that two years ago!?) and the Fairy Wings Alpaca (remember that one Christine!?)

The combination of pink and purple made this an obvious girlie choice. Not visible: a pink and purple unicorn iron on patch (I think she's got it twisted around here)

Now you know why dh and I call her our little ham sandwich.


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7:49 AM  
Blogger kim said...

I love the colors of the scarf! And DD is an adorable model. I hae been reading through some of your older posts and I Drop Spindle Spin.

Blesed Be

8:07 AM  
OpenID talullahsworld said...

Yes, I remember! The hat is gorgeous!! and I bet it's warm!!!

It's good to see you knitting again. So you know, I have been silently reading through the months, but I have been here

5:04 PM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

What a cute model, your daughter is!

I love all the colors. I don't think it would be too hard to match the Kool Aid blue and green scarf with clothes - I think it would look lovely against lighter shades of brown.

Thanks for your comments the other day on my blog about the recycling of bags - I'm slowly getting better at it. Isn't there a saying that it takes about 10 times of someone doing something new before it becomes a habit. Still have a while to go but hey, yesterday I even remembered to bring it to the fabric store!

2:13 PM  

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