Wednesday, May 30, 2007

forest majick

The weekend was filled with majickal things. I learned to identify some of the common plants of my region: plantain, miner's lettuce, wild oats, poisonous hemlock. I made a special love charm. I slept in a real tepee.

Many different kinds of camps come here: Indian Princesses, private parties, and the Winnerainbow Circus camp too. A true community forms as we all co - habitate for awhile, making our own little village. Tents pop up all around the big tepees, and a kitchen springs to life. We were fed gourmet vegan food (think chard, kale and chickpeas) that felt like a cleanse. No TV or radio (the a few of the kids had Shuffles) made it easier to hear the trickling water of the creek nearby and of course, the birds...we first heard, and later saw, a big wild turkey skulking around near the serving area. Artemis stalked him with an eye to a big tail feather (she wants to make a quill pen.)

There were baskets full of love everywhere at the Marketplace on Sunday afternoon. Lotions, potions, and all things herbal, made by hand, were sold or traded: soap, herbal brew, artwork, clothing, jewelry. I snapped pictures of some of my favorite things.

Mia makes baby pants, colorful organic cotton expertly sewn. I bought two pairs of bloomers for the little p., and was kept $50 richer by the woman in front of me buying the last pair of adult bloomers. They were a rich apricot color, with ruffles of the same fabric. Now I am obsessed with making some just like them. (It felt good, though, to BUY some things I could have easily made - it made me feel, well, rich.) Mia sews in Woodacre, California, and I can give you her email if you want.

Not many of the vendors had websites, and I was surprised. I encouraged everyone to try so I could link them here next year. Corbin Brashear makes these felted creatures in Williams, OR. She gave me this link to her majickal world. I bought that mushroom you see there, BTW. Who wouldn't?!

I traded my carmate for her wonderful hydrosols: lavendar and rose, and I bought a rosemary one from another woman for my hair. I got healing salves that feel so good on my lips. I bought a super cute recycled material top from Beth Grim, owner of Green Grim who "specializes in reclaimed and natural fibers." She was a cutter just like horsey girl: altered clothing, groovy colors, simple techniques that were so cool. (Got her email, too! Hi Beth, hope you're reading....)

And after the shopping, the big ritual. More to come...


Blogger Christine said...

I can''t wait to hear more!!!

6:55 PM  
Blogger LauraJ said...

This looks wonderful! I wish we had stuff like that around here!
Have a great summer!!

6:02 AM  
Blogger Bean said...

Oh my goodness.... I swear I lived that life in the past. I am completely green with envy that you were able to participate in such a fantastic get together! You are SO lucky!

5:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, please, could I have the email for the bloomers? My friend's her were lucky enough to attend this year have them and I want some, too!~*~ Bounty

3:21 PM  

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