Monday, May 14, 2007

mom's day

Princess #2 and I spent a lovely midmorning at her school, taking tea. Here is the placemat she made: Mom and Me Over the Rainbow.

Looks like I don't need to diet after all.

Hmm, here comes the treats! In addition to peppermint tea, we enjoyed handmade scones and cookies. She was so proud to be hostessing.

But what is this? A present? Pour moi?! I can see she worked so hard on it.

The box opens to reveal a precious message, all tied up in a sweet bow. Inside it reads:

Dear Mom,

I love you because you make me everything I want.
Mommy, I like it when you give me cookies and I like it when you make me soup.
Thank you for giving me things I love to eat.
I love it when you give me new shoes.
I love it when you give me chicken.
And I love it when you come to my school.
Thank you Mommy; you pick flowers for me.
I love flowers.


In spite of the fact that I really don't pick flowers for her, and she won't touch chicken OR soup, the whole thing brought a tear to my eye.

Now we just need to work on getting the letters in the right order.

Mother's Day, 2007. What is remembered, lives.


Blogger LauraJ said...

what a sweet picture of the two of you!
I'm happy you had a nice mama day!

Big hugs to you!!

5:32 AM  

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