Sunday, April 29, 2007

hot, again

Can the weather make up it's mind? Please? We escaped the heat this weekend (following a cold rainy spell) a couple of different ways. Running into old friends at the beach was a happy surprise. These people know how to travel - they come well equipped with umbrella, huge baskets of towels and food, and a cooler of cold Chardonnay. None for me, as sun and alcohol can be a heady mix. But it was festive.

We killed some time in town in Friday at a park fountain. Here dogs, kids and locals hang out, chat and escape the heat under big old redwood trees. The fountain is fun, but of course it's always tempting to get a little TOO wet. I tried not to nag.

At the beach, there's no such thing as too wet. A good trip to the sea really gets your appetite up and helps you sleep. I went in for a ritual dunking: three times, all the way under. I braced myself for this experience: I knew it was gonna be hard, but good for me. My body was craving saltwater.

I strolled right out...deeper, deeper. At waist hight, I took the first plunge. The cold was such a shock I couldn't stand up! I staggered as the next wave hit me...plunge number two was merciless. At that point I let go, and immediately felt empowered. One more quick dive into the next swell and I was done.

Emerging, I felt incredibly alive, invigorated, tingly...and the breezy beach suddenly felt amazingly warm. I felt happy and friendly towards all creatures.

Princess found her own way of warming up: sand angels. She especially loves to do this right before leaving, to the detriment of the car.

And here's what I get when I tell her it's time to go home. (I felt the same way.)


Blogger LauraJ said...

I especially love the sand angels!
what a face! love it!

11:18 AM  

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