Sunday, May 20, 2007


Sometimes grace appears when you least expect it. Events happen like a stream of consciouness, and if you are paying attention, they lead you towards your highest good. Such was the day I ran across this blog.

For some time I have been thinking about doing some more dying. Six years ago, I attended a natural plant dying workshop at the Women's Herbal Symposium. I used redwood pods to create a beautiful shade of lavendar, and dyed a pair of cotton panties (unfortunately I hung them in a tree to dry and then forgot them!) I guess my memories were stirred as Horsey Girl and I will be attending the gathering this weekend. I was hoping, and reaching out in my mind, to those like - minded women who circle 'round and share their knowledge and crafts.

But back to Simmy. On the day I first found her she was posting about a few books she was wanting to swap, and one looked particularly interesting - a natural dye plant guide. I commented right away, and though I missed getting the one she posted about, I was next in line for a similar book she thought I would enjoy.

Simmy was so thoughtful and generous with this idea, that when it turned out it would be a very looooong time for the book to reach me (she's in the UK), she sent a little pre - present my way: a rainbow of naturally dyed Cotswald, such a precious, precious gift! The colors are amazing, and the fleece is so different from the highly processed roving I've been using - it's soft and greasy and has that special smell. I will be spinning this on my new drop spindle, and plan to knit a majickal rainbow bag with the energized singles, something like the one in the Twisted Sister's Sock Book. These lovelies will travel with me to the Symposium and no doubt will create some future bonds with interested companions...spinners just naturally attract an audience!

And look, she sent embellishments for the bag as well...these sweet cutouts, plant dyed from a felted blanket. I love the card and Simmy's beautiful photo tags as well. I think I have much to learn from her!

Many, many thanks to my new friend! You have brought much grace to my life...I honor our connection, and hope that my special gifts reach you safe and sound as quickly as possible. Keep your eye out!


Anonymous Simmy said...

Hi Aurora,

I'm so honoured that you've done a post about me and that you like the fibre I sent. It really is quite special isn't it. The fleece is from a prize winning flock that are kept by some people in my village. The colours that I sent are (I think) indigo, walnut (brown), madder (reddy orange), cochineal (pink), the dark green is turmeric/indigo and the lighter one goldenrod/indigo and the yellow might be onion skins or turmeric. I'm sorry I should have written on the bag for both our benefits. Can't wait to see how it spins up.........

BTW the little cards are called MOO cards and you make them with your flickr photos - they cost about £10. You should be able to google MOO cards. Can't wait to receive your parcel - keep in touch.

1:59 PM  

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