Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Holy Maiden Huntress, Artemis, Artemis
Maiden, come to us

Here Horsey Girl gets ready for her adventure. She is obsessed with her bow and arrow...spending many hours sharpening, honing, taking aim. We are embarking on a journey of the female soul...the hour approaches for her to embrace her womanhood.

We pick up a friend to carpool with; I believe she is my New Best Friend. Z. Z. supports us as we whirl up highway 101 with our hearts in our throats. Our destination: the Yoniverse.

The Northern California Women's Herbal Symposium is held three times a year in Laytonville, California. The forest here is much like my own, but enhanced by a river - much bathing happens here, as well as relaxing and enjoying the company of like - minded women from many directions. Oregon is well represented here; and the Santa Cruz contingency hold it's own. We meet, greet, eat, and embrace knowledge of our common bonds: sustainability, make-your-own, the New Three R's (reduce, reuse, recycle), and just plain being a woman. Yes, four whole days of women only - there's nothing like it.

Here the Crones overlook the proceedings. Crones are the oldest members of our community; armed with life experience and a willingness to offer help, they are the pillars of communication and the passing on of tradition, values, and just good advice.

Here a resident Crone works on her broom. In the foreground, we are invited to weave wishes into the web of Crone wisdom, appealing to the Ancestors with our petitions for love, peace, and highest good.

Here empowered women gather to take classes in herbology, crafting, and majick. There are many to talk to, many to learn from, many friends to make and much laughter to share. I look forward to sharing more images with you! Stay tuned...



Blogger Christine said...

Enjoy my friend!!!

11:28 AM  
Blogger Cass said...

That sounds like the closest I've heard to heaven. I charge you to enjoy doubly on my behalf. Thank you for you encouragement in my moving, it's always very trying. However, today I venture out into the neighborhood to scout out present to add to you package. Enjoy your retreat to the fullest

12:11 PM  

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